posted on 3 Jun 1996 in Candy/Gum

Talk about a defined target demographic…


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  1. John Nowak | 7:48 pm |

    It soon had to come off the market due to the use of the obsolete word “heroine”.

  2. Ghost08 | 1:59 pm |

    there is nothing cozy about heroin—you will be up for 3 day straight wondering if there is a God

  3. Taterman | 8:29 am |

    Product has not been tested on heroes.

  4. Koko | 1:27 pm |

    What kind of town is it when the heroines will settle for small twigs?

  5. starfish | 6:51 am |

    geez, those heroines will eat anything

  6. EngrishLover3 | 4:48 am |

    “Mmm…I’m so hungry right now. I just feel like eating some chocolate covered twigs.”

    What could be tastier than twigs when you want a nice, crunchy snack? 😀 High-fibre too. And everything is better dipped in chocolate, right?

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