Little Pocky

posted on 4 Oct 1996 in Candy/Gum

When I was small, I had a Little Pocky…

Now I have a Men’s Pocky…


Small print: ‘Crispy pretzel dipped in dark

chocolate for the intelligent connoisseur 

who enjoys the finer points in life.’

11 captions

  1. coffeebot | 2:26 am |

    i see someone has been dipping his pocky where it shouldn’t be

  2. coffeebot | 2:27 am |

    hence cometh the candy: Dew Dew?

  3. John Nowak | 8:00 pm |

    *imitating one murderer on CSI*
    “There goes the comedy; I’m talking about penises.”

  4. hmm | 8:34 am |

    don’t badmouth the pocky. they can write whatever the hell they want, pocky is sooo damn tasty, it won’t matter anyway. i wish i had some right now.

  5. Ghost08 | 10:18 am |

    confuscia say man who puts hand in pocky feels a little cocky

  6. Sydney | 7:25 pm |

    Oh great. Now I’ll never be able to eat Pocky again without thinking of giant chocolate-covered penises.

  7. PTL | 7:10 am |

    Innuendo aside, i actually bought this the other day from a asian market in my area. suprisingly enough, it’s pretty good. And there’s very little engrish on the carton.

    The new motto-thing for the new carton is: “This combination of crispy pretzel and smooth dark chocolate brings a whole new flavor to fun”.

    You could cut the innuendo with a chainsaw.

  8. Ian | 8:53 am |

    Yeah, I’ve tried pocky before, it’s delicious!! But I must say, that Engrish was funny!

  9. MysticalDlagon | 1:06 pm |

    – “What’s that squeezing against my finer points?”
    – “Don’t worry, it’s just my man-pocky…”

  10. Nekothia | 8:27 pm |

    pocky is awesome and a common snack in japan…. and the thought of it being chocolate covered penises makes it infinitely more appealing to me…. i now have the sudden urge to suck the chocolate off first instead of just eating it whole…. i’d like a box of MAN’S pocky please ;DD

  11. Ken | 11:32 am |

    Hey, all my pocky’s gots no points on ’em!

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