Fresh Straws

posted on 26 Dec 2000 in Household Items

Thanks to Fujinami straw, my young party is exceedingly!

Dipper Dan

posted on 11 Dec 2000 in Bags/Packaging

“Son, point to the doll where Dipper Dan touched you.”

Photo courtesy of John Stanley.
Pic of an ice cream wrapper from Japan.
Now available as a t-shirt at the Store!

Angel Sweet Asse

posted on 28 Nov 2000 in Candy/Gum

What an Angel Sweet asse!


Photo courtesy of Mark Schreiber.

Sincerely Gift

posted on 13 Nov 2000 in Bags/Packaging

Sincerely Gift


Photo courtesy of John.

Danger Sign

posted on 3 Nov 2000 in Toys

Danger! Engrish is contained generously.


(Reportedly taken from a Fist of the

North Star ‘Violence Action Figure’)


Photo courtesy of Emar Zero.

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