Hard off

posted on 10 May 2000 in Buildings

Now these guys know how to sell…


(Note: Hard-Off is actually a chain of

stores that recycle and sell old computer

hardware and audio/video equipment –

the ‘hard’ stuff. ‘Off’ is supposed to

mean ‘sale’.)

7 captions

  1. nick | 6:15 am |

    I was getting excited about going here but the moment passed

  2. leila | 9:00 am |

    Japanese tends to abbreviate hardware and software as “hard” and “soft”…

  3. John Nowak | 8:33 pm |

    I would say something funny, but I fear that it would be just dirty enough to contradict my own principles.

  4. Jamie Brannon | 9:59 am |

    Does this reflect their finacial status?

  5. Ghost08 | 7:52 am |

    I’d say the advertising campaign has gone soft

  6. God Jesus | 11:42 am |

    Is this anything like The Clapper?

    Hard on! Clap clap! Hard Off!

  7. John M | 5:12 am |

    No! First wax on, wax off – then hard on, hard off!

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