Flesh Juice

posted on 17 Jul 2000 in Signs

So let me get this straight – there’s no Alcool in the Flesh Juice?


Photo courtesy of Jonathan W. Anderson.

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  1. leila | 8:53 am |

    no Alcool. just protein and amino acids.

  2. Jamie Brannon | 10:00 am |

    I’ll have a flesh drink to go with my flesh flesh.

  3. John Nowak | 9:11 pm |

    “Flesh”?! Oh, for their sake, this better not be Japanese, or I shall be forced once again to say, “The ‘L’ sound does not exist in Japanese! CURSE YOU, FUNIMATION!” or something like that. Hmmm, I need to work on my captioning skills.

  4. Daniel Mellstrom | 1:31 pm |

    Flesh? I guess it’s Alcool with me.

  5. Ghost08 | 7:54 am |

    boy do they love to sell people on menus
    how flesh is the flesh?

  6. Shannon | 11:28 pm |

    So… the flesh juice isn’t alcool?

    ya im sry

    It’s alcool.

  7. Choo-Choo | 12:14 pm |

    Good to know the flesh is soft.

  8. Sholankord | 10:25 pm |

    Personally, I’ll take the Milk with hot-ice

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