Cafe Miami

posted on 11 Sep 2000 in Signs

Many thanks for such a coffee.

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  1. leila | 8:47 am |

    It boggles me that some Engrish phrases still don’t sound right after taking out the obvious grammatical / spelling errors. I mean, what makes it weird to say “‘Let’s have such (a) coffee! Now!’ is our selling copy (catch phrase).”? I recently dug out my Grade 7 English composition notebook from b4 I received a proper ESL education, and my writing sounded exactly like that, which made me lol and wonder at the same time.

  2. chris | 10:15 pm |

    thats funny i havent seen any of these in florida..

  3. stacy | 11:27 am |

    not everybody say TASTY about our non-selling coffee though…

  4. Jamie Brannon | 2:06 pm |

    Sour coffee?

  5. John Nowak | 9:30 pm |

    company manager (in Japanese, of course): “I think we need to check our translator’s school records.”

  6. Ghost08 | 8:02 am |

    just a spoon full of sugar helps the coffee go down–the coffee go dooowwwnnn

  7. Shannon | 11:25 pm |


    OH MAI.

  8. Veggiet | 11:28 am |

    And what if I don’t love it, Huh? Huh!? Take that Cafe Miami!

  9. iLock | 7:26 am |

    Oh I really wanna have such a coffee, now!

  10. fifi | 7:13 pm |

    This coffe is so sour and bitter and TASTY! Let us have such of more now!

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