Carrot Game

posted on 28 Aug 2001 in Containers

We all favorite Carrot Game


(Taken from a lunchbox)


Photo courtesy of Laurie Gerber.

Sponge Message

posted on 9 Aug 2001 in Toiletries

Can’t ignore body sponge wisdom…


Photo courtesy of Justin Pepin.

Top of Cool

posted on 22 Jul 2001 in Containers

Oh, to be top of cool…


(Taken from a black polyester tote bag)


Photo courtesy of Adrienne Cardwell.

Lavatory Sign

posted on 14 Jul 2001 in Signs

Thanks for asking…

Howard’s Family

posted on 29 May 2001 in Clothing

T-Shirt from the Possibilities of Freedom Collection.


Photo courtesy of Mike and Leah.

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