Help with our Pleasure

posted on 4 Mar 2002 in Signs

Not sure I need help with their pleasure…


Photo courtesy of  Mike Clarke. 

Mike has quite a few interesting pics of Japanon his site


3 captions

  1. garudamon11 | 1:30 pm |

    oh no now they are colonizing people !

  2. firecracker | 11:21 pm |

    this is one complicated brothel!

  3. Jodi | 2:02 pm |

    Can you send out a prefferably attractive dude to help me with MY pleasure instead? That’d be nice. Much better than YOU PEOPLE being so controlling & “helping” me “pleasure” you! That’s an insult! Just go masturbate! Don’t even ask me next time!

    BTW, this sign is saying “we will gladly help you” or “we will help you. With our pleasure!” …yah


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