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posted on 10 Oct 2002 in Instructions


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  1. leila | 7:08 am |

    i bet the manager carefully crafted the welcome note, handed it to some coworker to complete the rest, and didn’t care what went on after that.

  2. tiarra | 5:47 pm |

    i want to fight

  3. Caroline | 4:44 pm |

    Will there become evening in the morning because of the time difference? Even if it has?

  4. Renee | 10:07 am |

    Who knew a hotel manager could be so philosophical?

  5. Ptharien's Flame | 8:39 am |

    It isn’t possible that it is possible that I can understand this!

  6. Terrenza | 12:55 pm |

    #3 the breakfast becomes lunch at midday from 1 o’clock to 3 o’clock.

    #5 water at the room can be drunk until 7 o’clock at night of the day, but it isn’t possible to bath until the wash becomes a finish the evening tomorrow even if it has.

  7. Seventy2rd o clock | 10:39 pm |

    Is it possible that it isn’t possible that it is possible to open a window? Not to mention that the wash becomes the evening and the breakfast becomes morning …

  8. Seventy2rd o clock | 10:41 pm |

    – Water, you’re drunk!

  9. Myself | 7:04 pm |

    “It becomes the evening tomorrow in the morning even if it has.” Now that’s some hardcore philosophy.

  10. Myself | 7:05 pm |

    Serious philosophical musings on the concept of time here. Get rekt, Proust.

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