Pork Joy

posted on 1 Oct 2002 in Household Items

Pork Joy protection…


Photo courtesy of Michael Castley.

4 captions

  1. Riccardo | 9:10 pm |  Vote: Add rating 1  Subtract rating 0  

    Warning: these gloves may not be kosher

  2. Daniel Mellstrom | 12:50 pm |  Vote: Add rating 2  Subtract rating 0  

    This reminds me of a good story. There was a carnival worker at the festival in my town (see djjd.org) and he had a bunch of off-color jokes and advice for passersby. Anyway, he told me that “if you use a glove when you’re touching yourself, it feels like someone else’s doin’ it”

  3. Tracie | 2:40 pm |  Vote: Add rating 0  Subtract rating 0  

    Actually, the pig probably wasn’t too happy…

  4. craigmiller | 9:03 am |  Vote: Add rating 1  Subtract rating 0  

    This one reminds every fat, balding, middle-aged man about his love for bacon.

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