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posted on 31 Dec 2002 in Chinglish

Until they are all gone please… 


Photo courtesy of Carolyn Ross.

Sign found in China. 

11 captions

  1. stacy | 1:53 pm |

    and keep on the grass

  2. Ghost08 | 2:54 pm |

    and do frolick amuck

  3. Ghost08 | 2:58 am |

    …and quash the bugs

  4. Kyo | 9:55 pm |

    IS this some kind of a voyeuristic fetish?

    Rule 34.

  5. Kitty | 9:39 am |

    And also please cut down the trees

  6. donjuan71 | 5:55 am |

    ………….and please smoke in all public places.

  7. garudamon11 | 1:40 pm |

    dont forget to mow the lawn

  8. NeonGreenSlushie | 8:58 pm |

    And dont forget to have fun!

  9. maymnalma | 2:16 pm |

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  10. Stammatrata | 12:02 am |

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  11. Lindainxbj | 10:28 pm |

    We went up to our rooms, settled in and talked about how gracious everyone had been during the whole trip. Then we started talking about more customer service stories.
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