No Smorking

posted on 1 Feb 2003 in Signs


5 captions

  1. Kevin | 12:38 am |

    Well, at least they didn’t say porking…

  2. Constance Truggle | 10:18 am |

    What about Sporking?

  3. Giselle | 12:01 am |

    But we can still smoke and smirk right?

  4. Constant Smorker | 6:40 am |

    Ah, it’s a pity that half of this pic’s lulz is lost on people who don’t know Russian, where ‘smorking’ actually sounds like the word that means ‘blowing your nose’, only with the English ending instead of the Russian one – which makes it sound even funnier.
    There’s even this journal entry somewhere on the ru-net that goes like: ‘I was smoking a cigarette when I spotted a sign saying No Smorking. And suddenly I didn’t want to smoke anymore, but I felt a strong urge to blow my nose instead.’

  5. coffeebot | 1:07 pm |

    Do you smork after sex?

    Lemme look…

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