Hello Kitty

posted on 31 Jul 2003 in Candy/Gum

My, what a pretty collon you have! 


Photo by John Smoke.

10 captions

  1. DeathlyH | 6:56 pm |

    Filled with rich pussy(cat) goodness.

  2. leila | 4:55 pm |

    good Bast! Is this what they do to the remains of mummified kittehs?

  3. Josh | 8:18 am |

    Behold the best friend of Spongebob Squarerectum.

  4. chickenman | 5:06 am |

    When it goes up (in)….oh …HELLO KITTY!

  5. Ghost08 | 8:08 pm |

    just be thankfuk this is the one with the vanilla cream center

  6. Niklas | 7:23 am |

    I love that the shape is about the same also

  7. ah123 | 12:26 pm |

    Funny! Collons means testicles in Catalan, similar to cojones in Spanish. So this is a packet of Hello Kitty’s balls. LOL

  8. Chickyriles | 1:50 am |

    After eating these, you’ll want to have a collonoscopy.

  9. Nonsuch Ned | 8:27 am |

    Hello Kitty, time for your [url=http://www.ehow.com/list_6786136_natural-diuretics-cats.html]diuretic[/url]

  10. Nonsuch Ned | 8:32 am |

    Sorry about the above (and possibly this one as well)

    I saw someone else do it, so now I’m trying to figure out how to imbed a link.
    It’s not even a good joke- wrong process.

    Hello Kitty, time for your diuretic

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