Donut Message

posted on 20 Aug 2003 in Snacks

These donuts talk too much… 


Photo courtesy of Kaylene Ruwart.

6 captions

  1. ab | 1:00 pm |

    Not really in to chit chat with my food, thanks

  2. CarbonatedCube | 5:24 pm |

    Well, the last part is good advice. The more donuts you have, the harder it is to stay upright. The real question is whether that’s a linear or quadratic function (heck, it could even be cubic!)

  3. stonefieldt | 12:29 am |

    Why does the katakana at the top say “jambo”? Isn’t that Swahili for Hello?

  4. Eazy | 2:37 am |

    If your doughnuts are talking to you maybe you should just go ahead and sit down

  5. bobafett333 | 9:23 pm |

    donuts: hi how are you im fine lets have pleasant conversa-

  6. rll215 | 7:37 pm |

    Christ, the people from “Intervention” know how to cover all the bases

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