Family Album

posted on 12 Jan 2004 in Stationery

Too bad their marriage will never be recognized…


Photo courtesy of Dara Hashemi,

Adam Kurland & Lucas Jansen.

5 captions

  1. DurocShark | 11:55 am |

    Beware the bony.

  2. L.A. Kenji Ishikawa | 4:15 pm |

    They are so good and gay X3

  3. Olive | 5:39 pm |

    that’s why they sniff eachother’s butts…

  4. Tammi | 12:34 pm |

    Does anybody realize that that’s not the only meaning of gay? If you use the other meaning, it actually makes sense!

  5. SMM | 2:34 pm |

    C’mon people, this is a quote from a longer poem about the traits of babies born on each day of the week! “Monday’s child is full of grace…”

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