Beer Choco

posted on 3 Feb 2004 in Candy/Gum, Drinks

Just the thing to wash down my beef gum…


Photo courtesy of Randy Schmidt.

9 captions

  1. Ghost08 | 9:05 am |

    Honey I have to mellowly out-can you get me a beer with a chocolate included in a mouth?

  2. okdoke | 1:45 am |

    What if it’s not included in a mouth? Can I pour it up my nose to get the delicate scent?

  3. Fogzilla | 8:12 pm |

    Included with a bin make ultimate satifaction!

  4. Mikey | 2:38 am |

    For those emotional days.

  5. Lollerskate | 2:53 pm |

    Beer choco, made by bitter people. for adult sake… Now they’ll make a whiskey hamburger for child vodka!

  6. bobafett333 | 12:55 am |

    yaaaaay hangover AND a sugar rush

  7. bob | 8:01 pm |

    so is it chocolate or beer?

  8. dacypher | 7:41 pm |

    Don’t eat this! It will make loose stools included in a rectum.

  9. Myself | 10:50 pm |

    They have this stuff here in Oregon, too. Oregon microbrews are sort of the Radiohead of beers: so weird and experimental that all hipsters universally love them.

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