Specialized Elderly Center

posted on 12 Jul 2005 in Chinglish

Maybe now grandma will stop tramping around…


Photo courtesy of Andrew and Steve.

Sign found in Hong Kong. 

6 captions

  1. Someone46545 | 6:46 am |

    It would help better if they didn’t put the snack bar directly above those fat people…

  2. tn | 12:57 pm |

    For those unfortunate people with multiple detriments…

  3. anonymous | 7:08 am |

    Er…this one is just a misfortune transliteration of a buddhist monk’s name… this elderly center is named after a buddhist monk named 筏可 (the transliteration is Fat Ho)

  4. lauren | 8:03 pm |

    for the trailer trash in your grandparents!

  5. Aaron | 4:20 pm |

    Hey, Abbot!!!

  6. Seventy2rd o clock | 5:12 pm |

    Fat Ho, relative of Suck Ho.

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