Going Places…

posted on 8 Aug 2005 in Transportation

Oh, we’ll get there on time…


Photo courtesy of Anton Shahsovar

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  1. DieselDragon | 10:07 pm |

    *Very* ambitious as a matter of fact: Only the Japanese could ever imagine that a train looking like a duck could get anywhere near 250 km/h… 😉

  2. DieselDragon | 10:29 pm |

    It’s hellfire! It’s ambitious! It’s got clag! MY LORDZ!!!!!! 😮

    (Note: This makes a lot more sense if ye are familiar with English railway enthusiasts. 🙂 )

  3. b person | 12:25 am |

    this brings WWII flashbacks

  4. Jony | 8:24 pm |

    Japans Ambition is leaving on the next train.

  5. Tigrex Hunter | 6:19 pm |

    Ambitious Japan! Where ever go you will we help you there… with ambition!

  6. BrahBrahBrah | 7:05 pm |

    “Ambitious Japan! We’ll ambitiously take you places you’ve NEVER been before! With ambition! Did we ambitiously mention we are ambitious? Well we are! Ambition! Ambition! AM-BI-TION!”

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