I wouldnt go in…

posted on 27 Sep 2005 in Buildings

Something fishy going on here…


Photo courtesy of Kamikaze Kowboy.

4 captions

  1. nick | 5:38 am |

    At least they could open the door, ok how about a window…whew I can’t beer this anymore

  2. p1zl3 | 10:39 pm |

    No Beer, No Pretzels, No Bar… just the smell; and from the looks of it, they’re fresh out!

  3. topofcool | 12:21 am |

    So this place specialises in scents of old spilt Guinness, fag (ciggies) ends, stale urine and curry? Great! What’s the address and when is it open? I’ll be right over!

  4. Seventy2rd o clock | 10:04 am |

    Oh, one can always smell a pub …

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