Thar she blows…

posted on 19 Oct 2005 in Transportation

Most often seen at country clubs…


Photo courtesy of John Hall.

Yacht found in Ishigaki, Okinawa (Japan).

(Owner most likely meant to say “Moby Dick”).

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  1. Cat333Pokémon | 5:17 pm |

    ROFL! I don’t know if he meant to say “Moby Dick”, but the kana to the left of the letters also says “White Dick.”

  2. Cheelybean | 11:28 am |

    Oh he’s just compensating for something… hehe

  3. tn | 12:17 pm |

    Impressive…but I hear the black yacht’s bigger

  4. Andrew | 6:09 pm |

    Little known fact: This ship served as “Navy One” during the Clinton Administration.

  5. Khymera | 6:17 pm |

    The captain changed the name of the ship to “Tan Dick” once he joined a nudist beach.

  6. Ben Dover | 3:14 pm |

    Loose Lips Sink Ships

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