Today’s Lunch

posted on 23 Dec 2005 in Signs

Be the Merry!


Photo courtesy of Traviss Wood.

It’s just so…

posted on 22 Dec 2005 in Chinglish

I couldn’t even open the package…


Found in Taiwan.

Take a Care!

posted on 21 Dec 2005 in Chinglish

Scream, and we take your valuables…


Found in a Hong Kong foot-

massage therapist’s office.

Oh my!

posted on 20 Dec 2005 in Engrish from Other Countries

Our motto: “Hang Loose”


Photo courtesy of Sarah Mitchell-Weed.

Found in the US. 

Special Cheese Cake

posted on 19 Dec 2005 in Snacks


Photo courtesy of Geoff Taylor.

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