It’s Portable!

posted on 7 Jun 2006 in Engrish from Other Countries

Becomes a stationary object when placed on surfaces…


Photo courtesy of ‘Leaf’.

Found in USA.

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  1. Murilo Silva | 8:53 pm |

    And it will become an environmental hazard when thrown into the trash…

  2. 75 | 8:11 pm |

    really? you mean it becomes portable all by itself?

  3. Spencer | 3:21 am |

    Unit automatically is in use when being interacted with.

  4. Jeff | 9:32 pm |

    Text automatically becomes hilarious when read!

  5. iM CRAZY!! | 9:40 pm |


  6. don | 10:06 pm |

    hmmm… ok i’ll put the cd in the cd case. wow! it’s now portable!!

  7. FatKenney | 4:52 pm |

    “Ummm… hello, tech support? Yes, could you walk me through the procedure?”

  8. Chickentacos | 10:48 pm |

    Look ma no hands! Oh shit…

  9. Chickentacos | 10:49 pm |

    Look ma no hands! Oh crap…

  10. m | 12:34 pm |

    it’s magical!

  11. Darian or so | 11:33 am |

    Unit is useless when MP3-Player has been purchased

  12. f | 8:59 am |

    Hint: this is *cd case*, but it can easily hold even DVD disks(!)

    But there is one thing I hate about this cd case! You have to zip it manually! I hope some day in future we will be free from that boring duty of zipping cd cases, jeans, boots, .etc. According to “Back To The Future” movie it will happen on 2015.

  13. pete | 10:17 am |

    Unit automatically falls down when dropped… T_T

  14. Brittany D | 10:02 pm |

    Hahaha I have that cd case! Well I have the bigger size. The logo on the front of the case says “CD Stuff”. It’s impossible to read the “stuff” on the label in that picture but I just checked and that’s what it says. LOL I got it at Odd Lots years ago.

  15. pijo | 6:02 am |

    Captain Obvious struck!!!

  16. Seniour BurritoFace | 12:40 am |

    unit automatically becomes wet when liquid is placed on it

  17. TheInterlang | 6:06 pm |

    Automatically becomes stationary when you place it on the table.

  18. Cindi | 4:58 am |

    Joke automatically become corny when cracked. Teehee

  19. Seventy2rd o clock | 12:08 am |


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