I am the Eggman

posted on 18 Jul 2006 in Books/Magazines

Ovulation: not just for chicks anymore…

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  1. Diddims | 11:19 pm |

    I’ve heard of egalitarianism, but this is ridiculous.

  2. Josh | 4:09 pm |

    They may be good at math, but I can’t help but feel their understanding of biology is somewhat amiss . . .

  3. Ghost08 | 1:59 am |

    i heard they scrambled to put this issue together

  4. Nana | 12:34 pm |

    The original of the magazine is called EGG, a Gyaru-styled women fashion magazine. This magazine is the Men’s version of the same magazine, hence the name ‘egg’.

  5. Hfz | 10:24 am |

    lol this would be EXTREMELY funny in malaysia, because the local word for egg is used as much the same way as “balls” is sometimes used XD

  6. emou | 12:45 pm |

    Ha, the symbol that’s supposed be an apostrophe looks alot like the Winamp logo. They never stop thinking of original ways to misspel or immitate a brand 😛

  7. Seventy2rd o clock | 4:21 pm |

    ‘women’s egg’ would sound somehow more logical.

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