Ooh, get the one that looks like grandma…

posted on 10 Jun 2007 in Signs

Happy children are made, not born…

Photo courtesy of Chris Robinson.
Found in Miyazaki, Japan.

12 captions

  1. nick | 6:59 am |

    comon Nike we aint buying it

  2. chiffmonkey | 2:55 am |

    The depressed child factory is struggling with the new competition

  3. Diddims | 11:54 am |

    So it’s not the stork! It’s the factory!

  4. Mark A | 5:58 am |

    Now you can be a virgin and make children, just like Mary!

  5. isaac | 11:00 am |

    no diddims the stork the dlevery boy…or girl…???… both…???…???

  6. mallorry | 12:47 am |

    tired of that emo teen? replace it! with HAPPY CHILDREN

  7. ZeroCentury | 7:49 am |

    damn they look all the same

  8. igiboydeguzman | 8:45 pm |

    All except for the down-right one, at least.

  9. EBboy | 9:21 pm |

    I think this is where Sperman works when he isn’t playing superhero.

  10. Ich | 9:36 am |

    Hi, can I order one daughter please? With a 10-year warranty included.

  11. LAFlitz | 5:17 pm |

    You didn’t read the fine print! It says “Happy Children Working in Our Factory.”

  12. Myself | 11:29 pm |

    I had a dream about this cafĂ©…it was underground…and all the waitresses looked inhumanly beautiful, but they all looked exactly the same…and they ate soap.

    I may have been misquoting there, but I’ve got the message across. Anyone who knows the origin of that quote will recognize it.

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