Rain rain, go away

posted on 9 Sep 2007 in Stationery


Photo courtesy of Deb Touchette.

Pic of the cover of a photo album.

7 captions

  1. Ghost08 | 2:09 pm |

    I like a slumber.

  2. David Haggard | 11:05 am |

    If I take it to a park, is it going to play with a ball again in public?

  3. ichabod | 6:40 am |

    no wonder cats keep crawling up my crotch every time i go to the park.

  4. dani | 3:34 pm |

    actually, ive found that when rainy days travel to parks there ARENT many friends…

  5. Thlee Rittle Maids Flom School Alrle We | 3:48 pm |

    When park rain ball chase loneliness they are pleasent. Am rainy like a walk.

  6. SNOOKIE | 4:53 am |

    i’ve always felt the same way.

  7. Seventy2rd o clock | 7:53 am |

    A rainy day who says ‘meow’!

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