And, well, rust never sleeps…

posted on 6 Oct 2007 in Clothing

Drug rehab is on the second floor…


Photo courtesy of John Schulze.

4 captions

  1. Thlee Rittle Maids Flom School Alrle We | 5:03 pm |

    ‘Top o’the MORNING to ya, you extra-special lone you!

  2. Ghost08 | 12:26 pm |

    it’s polite and cold at the same time–a fancified version of “it’s not you it’s me.”

  3. ms_saddam | 6:30 am |

    she likes pink shade and no wonder she bought that shirt

  4. Myself | 6:12 am |

    Thanks for suggesting I look in my mind, but it wasn’t there…got any other ideas?

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