Don’t accept thick pores!

posted on 24 Mar 2008 in Chinglish

Guess where you have to apply it…


Photo courtesy of Carol Kim.

Product found in China. 

14 captions

  1. nick | 5:53 am |

    If you cannot afford, Removing Horniness can also be acheived by wathing rerun of Roseanne

  2. Cup0fDOOM | 12:24 am |

    hot damn I’ve needed to activate my skin water for along time now.

  3. ValiantFreak | 8:51 pm |

    “To remove horniness please to remove product from freezer and apply to genital area. If this fail to bring result impact with spoon of low temperature.”

  4. Jalen | 10:14 pm |

    apparently they have a short feagrant issue in china and this product is supposed to make them longer?

  5. one brain cell | 7:42 pm |

    If you remove horniness, then skin water will be deactivated as well, you know what I mean?

  6. Ghost08 | 11:34 pm |

    thats quite the alluring feagrance

  7. Aphelion | 3:54 pm |

    It’s not the size of your feagrant….

  8. SM | 9:45 am |

    Kills Germs and removes horniess? it like a hand sanitizer for your hands and your balls, sanitizes your hands and wipes away your manhood as well.

  9. Charlotte | 5:00 am |

    use this to remove horniness or go get naked with susan boyle.

  10. GRT! | 9:36 pm |

    china’s new campaign to handle overpopulation…

  11. intern | 7:27 am |

    Hmmm…. well it DOES look like a lubricant… so I guess it should remove horniness!!

  12. craig | 11:07 pm |

    God help you if you leave that in my shower

  13. Seventy2rd o clock | 9:43 pm |

    I can’t kill all germs …

  14. Myself | 11:07 pm |

    Once I can activate the power of my skin water, I will be unstoppable! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

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