I always wondered where the Grinch lived…

posted on 22 Jul 2008 in Engrish from Other Countries

And have a nice day…

Sign found in Malaysia.

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  1. Angela | 9:52 pm |

    But we love you!

  2. Haley | 7:37 am |

    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!

  3. Regardez403 | 6:02 am |

    Deer resident
    I am come delivery you parcel most urgent.
    But being afraid for police catch me, and you are the hostility,
    I am of minded to go from here quick. If still wanted the parcel,
    you are need go fetching for yourself it at the parcel station.

    Most happy apology
    Man Service of Delivers.

  4. Ted | 8:21 am |

    Maybe we should get back on our bikes and peddle our Mormon wares elsewhere….

  5. steve | 8:31 am |

    No chance of borrowing your lawn mower then ?

  6. Lili | 8:24 pm |

    Is that a buzzer for the gate just above the sign? God, that’s tempting.

  7. Will | 5:57 am |

    Who is Mee? I better ring up and ask.

  8. ranchel | 3:31 pm |

    but uncle i is your nephew. i come with message! oh dear uncle i bring word of death. the death was of your mother. oh dear uncle i also wanted to borrow a lemon from your tree. oh dear uncle give me a sign on what to do! -” nephew, i hate citrus fruit. nephew i hate my mother nephew i hate evryone. now i chuck tree at your head” thank you uncle. i luv. ” reely ? i hate” ooo

  9. Trinity | 10:59 pm |

    I love you too, Grandpa!

  10. Big Fat Cat | 8:15 am |

    Hate thy neighbours as thyself.

  11. Meli | 1:05 am |

    Meh, at least he’s honest.

    …So, who’s up for a little trespassing?

  12. sycareus | 2:10 am |

    well, now that we know how he feels, maybe we should send him those pictures of him in the shower?

  13. Ree | 2:22 am |

    P.D. “BangoLow” is not the cousin of “JudeLow”, so you beeter bee out of heere beefore you call thee papparazzi, d’you listen to MEE? My bee barks. Thanks ffor your understanding.

  14. cm | 7:03 am |

    P.S. most large dog sits on here and alerts my face of your being…. he will come on you and make you die.

  15. Stefan | 1:41 pm |

    One must wonder what goes on inside this “bangolow”.

  16. emodarthvader | 7:08 pm |

    i love u

  17. Christopher Arbizu | 4:42 pm |

    Don’t come a knockin when the bangolow’s a rockin.

  18. Taylor | 7:40 pm |

    anyone wanna play ding-dong ditch?

  19. keith | 9:18 pm |

    i understand o.k. and i hate you too :)

  20. Ian Leo | 2:07 am |

    The greatest proof of “Freedom of Expression”.

  21. Steve | 1:08 pm |

    So then why is there a doorbell?

  22. pat | 4:00 pm |

    Your police are not being able to catch me I are being a man of gingerbread made.

  23. Miles24 | 4:13 pm |

    I think this is where Dr. Seuss got his inspiration from.

  24. Lex | 6:58 pm |

    Free puppies. Inquire within.

  25. ali | 9:56 pm |

    This guy needs to work for Hallmark. Their “thinking of you” cards would take on a decidedly different meaning. “I’m thinking of you…with a spear through your fat head!”

  26. Lizi | 7:22 am |

    well… at least we know that michael jackson isn’t living there….

  27. Pokejedservo | 8:21 pm |

    Somebody needs a hug! :)

  28. James | 5:11 pm |

    Except on Party Business.

  29. Pete | 2:27 pm |

    I see the sensitivity/anger management courses are paying off at last!

  30. Jane | 12:51 am |

    Well then, he better not come out of his house…

  31. craplo | 5:37 am |

    Have A Nice Day….now go away

  32. Miss Echo | 7:53 pm |

    ya’ll don’t come back now…. ever.

  33. cas | 12:03 pm |

    Somebody’s got a case of the Mondays.

  34. Ric Mauger | 7:17 pm |

    When “No hawkers, please” just dosen’t cut it..

  35. patcap365 | 11:53 am |

    trick-or-treaters beware, this guy ain’t playin’!

  36. RP | 12:03 pm |

    FTW! I need that sign infront of my house.

  37. kevin | 8:09 am |

    Translation: “You #%$%^ kids get off my lawn!”

  38. Rayquaza | 7:58 pm |

    One too many visits from the Jehovah Witnesses…

  39. Robert | 7:50 am |

    If this Bangalow’s a-rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.

  40. dropkickmurphy | 12:03 pm |

    watch out, the doorbell has a 1000volt charge!

  41. Shadowdancer21b | 4:52 pm |

    Yeah, even you Junichi!

  42. Brandon | 5:11 am |

    He really went to a lot of trouble. Most other people would just have put up a sign that said “F**k off!”

  43. Wes | 9:19 pm |

    later that day his heart grew 3 times the size it was.

  44. Redrik | 5:10 am |

    Avon calling !

  45. Ali-kins | 3:39 pm |

    Sam the Eagle lives in Malaysia?

  46. majipa | 8:03 pm |


    Was just wondering…did Mr. have one laxative too many

  47. Max | 9:24 pm |

    You might as well not have a door at all. In fact, you shouldn’t even live in a human community!

  48. meowish | 3:00 am |

    I always thought you were my best friend…..until I visited your house.

  49. All your bases are belong to us. | 5:07 am |

    A message to you:

    Open the door to the world. Believe that no one is going to hate you. Give a try to pop out a bit of your small house, and you will be happy.

  50. Kenji | 8:44 am |

    the radical solution to children finding lost soccer balls…

  51. fernanda Galindo | 12:40 pm |

    gotta love this much, yes?!

  52. Jook Man | 3:50 pm |

    Well, fook yew too, ya meen old bastage!

  53. Ethan | 11:52 am |

    Sniff, Sniff, Sobb.

  54. cass | 5:19 pm |

    it’s my mothers house

  55. Maggio | 6:41 pm |

    This is just the sign on the gate. Imagining what is posted on the door…

    “If you comings inn this closest presence, I hate all of you ever more with hits on head with wood. Snakes of bad will fall on you with unpleasant moods. I jump on you and make bad noise. Go away to other place. I hate you twice now.

  56. Kitty | 4:18 pm |

    Trick or Trea………..Oh hello officer.

  57. Lex | 9:19 pm |

    Every Halloween we get calls from parents.

  58. Tyler | 9:36 pm |

    “All your base are belong to us!!!”

  59. kris | 10:13 pm |

    Someone needs a time-out!

  60. nezu | 10:01 am |

    No yuu listen to mee, I call police too catch yuu!! LOL

  61. Gigi | 11:13 am |

    :D… I still think you need a hug, neighbor! He…-Hey, watcha doin there, with that bat, friend? wh-why you be getting so close? hey, wait- NO, NO!- AAAGGHHH- *drop*

  62. Emma H | 3:51 am |

    Always a warm welcome in Malaysia…

  63. Laura | 4:32 am |

    …and this sign was voted Most Paranoid!

  64. Anonymous | 7:40 pm |

    We see you notice you know you don’t say we go away we no leave you can’t do nothing!!!! D:

  65. xD | 7:42 pm |

    couldn’t he just write: don’t disturb- private property?

  66. Sapurki Sarilanki | 6:19 pm |

    this mine howse, i hate you any

  67. Comer | 2:22 am |

    Sew mom, Charwies chakolat Factowie is no wonger habing visitors?

  68. Wong Bal | 2:51 pm |

    So THIS is where Sean Penn’s been hiding out…

  69. jayjay | 5:33 pm |

    uh, dad……?

  70. Em | 3:18 am |

    But Ringo!!!!!!

  71. Jen | 10:20 pm |

    Is this how they say “Mi casa es su casa” in Malay?

  72. Fandango | 6:30 pm |

    Putting up signs is like arguing on the internet.
    Even if you win, you still can’t spell.

  73. Ell | 9:18 pm |

    Maybe i should move out of that neighborhood.

  74. Mona Lisa | 10:10 pm |

    laugh all you want, you know you feel the same way sometimes! LOL

  75. pochi | 2:56 pm |

    Can I push the button please (>_<)

  76. w_o_w (=o) | 7:57 pm |

    ok….I was going to say that you just won the ten million dollar lotto, but I suppose I’m going to give it to the hobo next door….

  77. Tick Tock | 11:37 pm |

    Haha, bangolow, I want me one of them.

  78. JustKay | 10:17 pm |

    Cheeze nips? Please want some scout cookies?
    owner: i wate you u mosterstand naaawn ooway
    p.s: yuuuu moom pantiiiies no geeet baack

  79. Ray | 12:04 am |

    Hi, this is Ray from Malaysia and I have the story behind this image.


    The woman who lives there is insane… she went crazy after her son’s death:

    “she went cuckoo after her son died in a bus accident
    the bus driver slept or something like that and hit the divider. her son flew out from the bus and died on the spot.”

  80. Ray | 12:09 am |

    I don’t condone blaming the rest of the world for your own personal tragedies but I am in awe of people who take misanthropy as far as this lady takes it.

    Apparently she has the reputation for being kooky in her neighborhood.

  81. NonanoN | 6:26 am |

    “Joe’s custom made signs. Yes ma’am, how can I help you?”

  82. Chocorobokun | 9:45 am |

    i hate u too!!!,LOL

  83. bule | 10:40 am |

    pls be careful. do you have hand grenade ? lol

  84. zeidk | 8:55 am |

    I speak london very much

  85. mike rhodes | 1:43 pm |

    hey guys, remember that prank we played on the pope?

  86. Fred | 6:36 am |

    The man who never chilled…

  87. Stephan | 8:50 am |

    But I haven’t even talked with the Mee!

  88. abq | 12:12 am |

    mind if i came in??

  89. Guðjón Snæland | 4:45 am |

    I´d listen to Mee if I could find her

  90. psychotique | 8:30 pm |

    oh no.as malaysian, i feel horrible….

  91. Barny Steig | 1:37 pm |

    Those Jehovah’s Witnesses seem to upset everybody.

  92. Doh | 7:25 pm |

    And don’t forget to take a flower on the way back to where you came!

  93. Doh | 7:26 pm |

    But remember, I love you!

  94. Ann Burt | 7:40 pm |

    I have social phobias, too. I feel your pain.

  95. waseem | 3:03 am |

    Boys have given so funny coments raja omar must come to this site and read the remarks of naughty guys.

  96. Nuclear Chauffeur | 12:18 pm |

    Does Simon Cowell have a Malaysian counterpart?

  97. Christopher Arbizu | 9:40 pm |

    Translation: Get off my lawn you kids!

  98. Bea | 1:01 pm |

    “I hate all of you.”

  99. sybil wee | 3:05 pm |

    i having reason this my bungalow
    u clear off !

  100. Chuck-O The Mongorian Chinaman | 12:39 am |

    Caution use while throw egging.

  101. Rebecca | 12:09 am |

    Be happy, Mr. Angry Man, for we hate you too.

  102. Spoof | 5:37 pm |

    O… there’s a button above it… wonder what it does…

  103. Gildra | 11:19 pm |

    Where sign I get my Bangolow house? Is you make one for mee? I pay money for good Bangolow house signage! Keep people I hate away!

  104. Jo | 10:49 am |

    Signed, Garfield.

  105. Belbe | 11:25 am |

    Would you like to buy some cookies?

  106. Pal | 9:58 pm |

    Does she have orange carpet for her lawn? Maybe she doesn’t want to have to vacuum her lawn.

  107. Tsu | 10:21 am |

    *rings bell* I never was good at listening.

  108. Noor | 11:43 pm |

    Gee, I didn’t know that Medusa and Ebeneezer Scrooge are Asians … still alive and kicking …. in Malaysia.

  109. lyee | 1:10 am |

    Heey… Mojo Jojo’s get away from Townsville!

  110. Louise | 4:17 pm |

    Maybe skip this one on Halloween?

  111. Ella | 1:45 am |

    Eat this sign! Or you kids get off of my lane!

  112. Nick Wells | 9:09 am |


  113. kb | 5:31 pm |

    All of me?

  114. Jamie Brannon | 8:14 am |

    Push Button, then a trap door under your feet opens, and you are dropped into a chamber with snakes, spiders, and your mother-in-law.

  115. Alan | 4:35 pm |

    Is this the abode of all the reclusive bankers who have just ran of with everyone’s money?
    (Remember to pronounce the B in bankers with a W like the foreign people would).

  116. lanna | 9:48 am |

    Welcome to get out! Under-is-stand. Thaank you Mee! :-)

  117. mami_noodlesoups | 10:03 pm |

    dear mader,

    I come for you grocery… when dad coming to house? is he going to go to dark chamber too? taynk gudness ip he has a chokolats and a flowers I will eat dem for you!I hate you mader!!!
    thank you for opportunity to hating you!
    ps:dad pooping on t-shirt of mine… he smell like beer!

  118. maryam a.k.a maya | 2:58 am |

    what a shame for a malaysian…i’m a malaysian..i want to knock this guys do0r and tell him i hate him to0!! i want to show this to the PM!!
    as a malaysiann..i feel teribble..
    kerana setitik nila…sebaldi susu hancur!! <<a malaysian idiom..

  119. nightvisiongoggles | 12:56 pm |

    Let’s Malaysia there, find Bangolow
    Then throw locks onto gate!

    I love Angry Engrish!

  120. We Always Loved You!

  121. Jacob | 9:15 pm |

    Your a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Would you be nice for a Klondike bar?:-)

  122. Justice | 1:01 am |

    I’m sure the backdoor of this Bangalow has got to be easier to penetrate.

  123. Jennifer | 9:15 am |

    So you HAVEN’T heard the word of our Lord then, would you care for a copy of the Watchtower..?

  124. J Gautama | 3:14 pm |

    Have you wondered what did the man who made the plate was thinking when delivering it?

  125. egg-grenade | 4:27 am |

    I don’t recall the grinch living in malaysia…..

  126. Crickette | 3:37 pm |

    Knock! Knock! May I borrow a cup of sugar?

  127. Monshoki | 11:58 pm |

    I guess Mee is the one who do the dirty things for the owner, coz everybody is forced to listen to her… She is a female Rambo, equipped with a Bangolow torpedoes… ^^

  128. Alexandrea | 12:43 am |

    I did not know that noodles could talk.

  129. Blu | 6:38 pm |

    This isn’t the Grinch’s house- This sign was put up by Scrooge!

  130. Gonzo BobH | 9:03 pm |

    I think I lived near this guy — off of Jalan RUE (okay, actually Jln Ru).

    But seriously, in the US you get those guys that offer to pave your driveway, but if you pay them first — they split before the work is done.

    Well, the ancestors of those people are living in Malaysia. Probably my favorite were the guys that showed up unexpected to clean my septic tank. Have you ever looked inside a septic tank?!? No, me neither. So when someone shows up and says your tank is too full and looks like crap, well you are easily – and literally – convinced.

    The only reason they left was when I insisted that before they start they agree to just bill my company — because I wasn’t paying for jack.

    Remind me to tell you the story of the exterminator and the plumber. Honest.

  131. terrierx | 9:52 am |

    It gathers with all no and has a party, the time of the snack is unhappy.

  132. Grace | 4:01 am |

    Isn’t it ironic that he has placed a doorbell right above the sign? That seems pretty hypocritical to me.

  133. TJ | 7:57 pm |

    You know, there’s a black van right outside the house…

  134. Ella | 12:12 am |

    Please pe stick on said docter the

  135. NanXin | 4:54 pm |

    no sugar then??

  136. hangooknyun | 6:27 am |

    i lmao when i read this. it was like a little song since he wrote, mee lol

  137. Dong | 5:01 pm |

    I would like to tape a sign over his:
    “Ring buzzer today for free money.”

  138. D2000 | 9:21 pm |

    Wait a sec– is that my mother-in-law I see in there??

  139. Jimson | 6:38 am |


  140. Ruben Agudera | 6:21 am |

    Me go clinic walking afternoon backside building 3 so i do not sleepy and working drawing good. after i eat squash seeds, good taste like watermelon seeds. Frederic same same obama friends =D

  141. Ghost08 | 2:03 pm |

    this street lamp must have pms or something

  142. DeanAckles | 7:32 pm |

    The funniest thing about this photo has to be the irony.

    I want to take down the sign, bring my friend there and offer him $40 to press the doorbell…

    Let’s see what crazy martial arts move(s) the resident(s) have.

  143. elaine | 9:22 pm |

    hey,MR Mee.dun worry,my bangolow is bigger than ur’s…i luv u i luv u i luv u

  144. cuocthiseo | 1:59 am |

    Very funny doorbell, I’ll make one for my dog house now:D

  145. Amy | 3:28 am |

    But wee lovee youu!

  146. i want to meet you please come asap we are waiting to hug u on this valentine please come soon

  147. Kees | 3:13 am |

    Â¥1000 for the guy that dares to ring the doorbell and say “Oh crap, forgot to run away” 😀

  148. Ta Kung | 1:50 pm |

    I also hate all of you. Let’s ring doorbell just for funny time!

  149. Laura | 2:57 am |

    I suppose I should’nt be expecting a Christmas card then?

  150. BSting | 3:30 am |

    Man!!! and it’s permanently bolted onto the gate 2!!!
    hmmmmmm………Hey anyone know the president’s cell? i think we found bin laden

  151. Ayabie fan | 12:44 pm |

    mom is bad in the sign of go away sorry she is to scared make you

  152. zaihas | 12:17 am |

    darn. to think that we malaysians are being taught english since we were born. where was this fellow born in, by the way?

  153. His next door neighbor | 12:58 am |

    what happened to “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”

  154. Ayabie fan | 5:05 am |

    Apparently the eastern hemisphere has been here…

  155. chriswell | 7:38 am |

    Ding Dong…
    F@%k you too buddy.

  156. Ama-rata | 11:19 pm |

    Doesn’t this make you feel so loved?

  157. cate | 8:16 pm |

    I noticed his mailing address on the sign. I’m so tempted to write herro.

  158. john | 5:40 am |

    hey…!!!! that’s my house … . who take this picture??? i’ll call the interpol and have you arrested.

  159. Kya | 11:29 am |

    Somebodies PMSing..

  160. Kya | 11:32 am |

    Well, now we know not to bother knocking on his door if his house is on fire…

  161. Matt Stinnett | 11:14 am |

    Another sign on the house says “Beware of Emo.”

  162. Luna | 11:13 pm |

    I need that sign for my room….

  163. Obet1979 | 10:29 pm |

    Not recently sex? maybe lack of fibre in your diet?

  164. Baller Important | 2:46 am |

    Dont disturb MEE
    MEE is busy in BANGolow

  165. ImmaCharginMalaysia | 10:25 am |

    You haven’t seen the inhuman persistence of Malaysian salesman, guys! This guy is apparently hiding behind his door, polishing his machete.

    “hello sir good afternoon would you like to buy a new massage belt-”
    “We have a 30-day money back guaranteeAAAACKCKAQQQGHHH!”

  166. Sioraf | 3:29 pm |

    “I hate all of you.”
    All of me? You haven’t seen all of me yet.

  167. Will | 5:57 pm |

    I did your mom a favor by making you

    a sandwich

  168. paloiu222 | 8:45 pm |

    ‘All of you listen to Mee’

    Listen to noodles?? =S

  169. Kyryll | 2:10 am |

    What say you so?

  170. GP | 5:10 am |

    Apparently it’s ok to visit this house, just stay away from the Bangalow one. Bangalow is in northern NSW, Australia.

  171. aringn | 7:05 pm |

    horn ok please

  172. Theme | 11:37 pm |

    hahahahaha. Malaysian! hahaha. I’m a Malaysian and this is icing on the cake. I can tell you guys for sure that this is a Malaysian Chinese.

    You all don disturb me ah! hahahah

  173. Mint | 2:15 pm |

    Very scary sign.
    Keep Away before police can “Catch” you.

  174. Anthony | 4:10 pm |

    Listen to all, to me
    Here out of my way,
    I caught the police will be called
    Not, in my bungalow!
    House is aware, allow
    I hate you.


    That is what I got when I typed in the sign into Google Translate, turned it into Japanese, and then translated it from Japanese.

    *facepalm* – DOUBLE ENGRISH!

  175. Xweetara | 4:13 pm |

    You’re a mean one, Mr. Glinch…

  176. Ray | 10:00 pm |

    Hi, this is Ray from Malaysia and I have the story behind this image.
    The woman who lives there is insane… she went crazy after her son’s death:
    “she went cuckoo after her son died in a bus accident
    the bus driver slept or something like that and hit the divider. her son flew out from the bus and died on the spot.”

  177. Lollerskate | 2:56 pm |

    I can’t hear you if you don’t come out!…

  178. One Eater | 5:09 pm |

    Im not predujice, I hate everyone equally !!!

  179. alice | 10:16 pm |

    omg xD
    i love this dude

  180. BPU | 2:50 am |

    lol, bangolow


  181. Vehement | 12:18 pm |

    And the 16yrs old wondered why her guy friends always disappear on the night of their date.

  182. Spam | 5:25 am |

    No go away or I will taunt you another time

  183. Lil_Torres | 4:48 am |

    Roger, I’ll listen to you

  184. me | 9:30 pm |

    lol whoever said “your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries” has seen Monty python and the Holy Grail

  185. me | 9:49 pm |

    Is this house for sale? if not ill take the sign by itself. But i wuv you,

  186. malaysian | 11:06 pm |

    it’s from malaysia ??
    i’m a malaysian XD

    well , there’s some people in Malaysia who’s not good in English.
    but there’s who is good.

    so , please don’t underestimate us.

    p/s: sorry if i have errors in my english TT^TT

  187. amy | 5:07 am |

    i always laugh when i read the “all of you listen to mee”
    its like hes singing~ lol

  188. Marc | 7:08 am |

    Patrick, I think Squidward has lost it

  189. Lora | 9:28 am |

    Hey! How did MY house end up on this site???;)

  190. Lora | 9:30 am |

    All those warnings just make you wanna disturb him even more! 😉

  191. ZER(o) | 4:10 am |

    I’d say this guy needs to get laid, but with a sign like that, I’m afraid he’s caught in a vicious cycle.

  192. VulpineNinja | 5:12 am |

    i’m a Malaysian but this is lol.
    there’s a lot of engrish here but it doesn’t match Japanese’s XD

  193. MANGLISH | 8:18 am |

    Malaysian “English” is quite apropiately called MANGLISH

  194. The Grinch Reincarnated | 10:34 am |

    Wait…so you HAVEN’T seen my basketball???

  195. Hugh | 2:44 pm |

    I just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar for my cake

  196. Michelle Ng | 8:14 am |

    Sigh… I’m a Malaysian… What a shame…

  197. Donny | 5:15 pm |

    All your police are, belong to us.

  198. Lora | 7:00 pm |

    The Grinch lives on Mount Crumpet just north of Whoville. Maybe this is his summer home. :-)

  199. Mandy | 2:11 am |

    Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have thrown those eggs…..

  200. Celeste | 6:37 pm |

    But you’ve won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes? Please come answer your door to claim the prize!

  201. hudatdere | 10:51 pm |

    i get the feeling you wouldn’t make for good comapny either way…

  202. Source707 | 2:44 pm |

    Well what do you expect if you have “Hit me baby one more time” as your doorbell ring?

  203. Enzo03 | 9:23 am |

    You’re a mean one…
    Mr. Grinch…

  204. Ricky | 10:57 am |

    The Ten Commands by Engrish

    2 I am overlording your god , who bought out of the land of Egypt your, out of the bondage spa;

    3 Do not kiss make nice on other gods in frond me.

    4 You not thinking to idolate yourself, by heavenly flight anything, that with the subway underground, or that is hydration the earth.

    5 You shall not kowtow shanghai or worship them; for I Big Honcho am bratty god, kidding punishment for the unequity of parents, to the tressy and cuarty generation of throwaway garbage,

    6 but admiring continuously thousand descendents of rock admire me and properly follow.

    7 Do not poorly abuse name of Big Honcho your god, forBig Honcho will bump off anyone poorly abused my name.

    8 Remember the restroom day and keep it holey.

    9 For six days must you go the hog hug and do slave work.

    10 But seven days is the restroom day to your goddes Big Honcho; you must not slave work—you, your springoff, your working slave, your animate slave, or the extra telestial foreign devil in your towns.

    11 Six daily Big Honcho banged together sky, worold, and earth, the brine bath, the atlofear, and all the dirt anf glub in them, but was in the restroom seventh day; therefore Big Honcho goodly honored the restroom day and concreted it.

    12 Your father and your mother gracious you, so that your days may be migty and tedious in the land that the Big Honcho your god is putting into you.

    13 Not to slash to death.

    14 Not to sexualize unmarried comfort.

    15 Not to take away foreign stuff.

    16 Not to bore a liar against your neighbor.

    17 Not to desire my neighbor’s house; not to sexualize your neighbor’s wife, or slave work manned woman, or asx, or burrough, or any old crud that belonging on our neighbor.

  205. Mark | 1:31 pm |

    Who needs guns when you have this?

  206. BeEtLjOoZ | 11:38 am |

    Noo need mee dog, you being wary of residential living person who bites.

  207. @£%! | 6:18 am |

    Malaysians ain’t always open

  208. drumming_panda | 5:12 pm |

    I wonder if I can get one of those kind of “do not disturb” signs for my hotel room

  209. Jardenon | 11:39 am |

    This individual is an idiot. It obvious does not have an English grasping in appropriate.

  210. ryuencrash | 9:05 pm |

    He’s so angry that he couldn’t even spell right.

  211. Pete | 2:53 pm |

    Malaysian for “Tresspass at your own risk”?

  212. Acel | 11:37 am |

    Dude. The point is not whether the owner was malaysian or if he/she spoke good english but the fact that he added the “I hate you all” at the end thats so hilarious…

  213. Nicole | 12:33 pm |

    Currently posted outside of Tiger Woods residence.

  214. AhTheMalays | 2:12 pm |

    Ah! The Malaysian English! Tsk tsk..
    “Aunty why you so angry already mah? I not do also anything already! You aunty mah angry and telling don’t come here ah? Why lor? Seriously cannot come to your house ah? Can lah!”
    Haha…You guys come talk to a Malay Chinese guy and he’ll crack you up in an instance!

  215. sylvia | 2:43 pm |

    some of the boys in my class hate me so i hate them too! they are annoying and stupid so i ignore them.

  216. DodgyRoger | 4:25 am |

    PS. Door bell above ring in police

  217. Yolande | 1:36 pm |

    Maybe he’s just had a baby??? and maybe he’s trying to get it to sleep???

  218. Ack Acks Pup Ron | 10:08 pm |

    What you are doing here?

  219. littlemramerica | 10:59 pm |

    where can purchase make sign? hospitality for house SUPER RAINBOW LUCKY!!

  220. HyperBowl | 11:13 pm |

    I is BFG, Big F**king Geriatric, you get off my lawn or I beat you with cane. Mee hate you

  221. chieromancer | 2:00 pm |

    Don’t beat around the bush. Tell us how you really feel.

  222. virginia | 3:34 am |

    be afraid.. be very afraid..

  223. Bullyaiou | 6:49 am |

    Oh……ok then…..I’m too probably assuming that wishing you’re not to inside my bottom tongue kiss?

  224. Aetheus | 9:43 am |

    Its a bit funny to see this in a site for “Engrish”, since I came here expecting to laugh my asses off at Japanese folks brutally screwing with the english language. This image is a big slap in the face for me because I forgot (if only briefly) how bad my fellow countrymen are at english sometimes. Almost everybody (myself included) speaks that way (actually writing/texting is slightly rarer). Hell, we even coined a term for it: Manglish (or Singlish, if you’re in Singapore).

  225. iM CRAZY!! | 4:18 pm |


  226. - | 9:12 am |

    but you dont even know me!

  227. Silver Acacia | 6:58 am |

    man…i luv this sign
    i gotta use it when i can! so cool

  228. Lala | 1:06 am |

    don’t hate me larr…i love u so much…

  229. Jhow | 12:45 pm |

    Google-translating the sign to Malay, then back to English makes it a little less engrish…

    I listen to you, do not bother here, I’ll call the police to arrest you, do not come to my house bangalow, understand, ok, I hate you all

  230. Mimi | 4:02 pm |

    That my housse!

  231. hiney-hole | 11:36 am |

    I want all of you to know the funny thing is those round double circles are a traditional Chinese symbol for “double happiness” – “happy happy”

  232. Steven | 10:21 am |

    Squidward’s Japanese cousin lives here.

  233. Jezz | 8:17 pm |

    Awww,your wife is in a bad state now:(

  234. Jazzy Jeff | 6:39 am |

    Mebbe we can go to Coco’s and get some meet curry to see if relax time can be your future of wishing.

  235. gonovox | 4:18 am |


  236. Mat | 2:50 pm |

    wow I’d like one of those signs

  237. Jack E. | 11:17 am |

    “Sweetie, it’s your mother.”

  238. Keri | 1:42 am |

    I didn’t want in your bangalow, anyway. :(

  239. Dermot | 10:16 am |

    I know where you live you bastard!

  240. summer11 | 10:57 pm |

    what kind of place is there?

  241. Kat Harris | 9:14 pm |

    I hid under your porch because I love you.

  242. lala | 6:49 pm |

    why you hate me?
    I no disturb here ! what you say? O.K?
    I sad now :'(

  243. Dan | 9:22 pm |

    oh my…… *runs off crying*

  244. talis kiesling | 5:45 pm |

    he’s so lovable

  245. malaysiadude | 11:09 pm |

    one of the reasons why malaysia rocks.

  246. loserbeep | 2:02 am |

    Yuu don’t even know mee!! How can yuu hate mee?? Mai feelings are hert!

  247. intern | 7:49 am |

    I really, really want to play knock door run there…

  248. Sophie | 2:04 pm |

    i think he wants us to go inside…….

  249. ellen | 7:38 am |

    i think we should egg his house…

  250. DrinkyThinky | 12:12 am |

    But, hey, I have a check with your name. Let me in.

  251. TheEndisnear | 8:49 pm |

    If a jehova witness came 2 my house I would pretend 2 be getting some thing andthen when open the door again I’ll have a full on rager and jack it in front of them.

    Those and scientologists

  252. KBurchfiel | 3:06 pm |

    I understand this is one of the most popular Engrish.com pictures ever, but I’ve never liked it. The guy’s just being a jerk, and the humor comes more from that than from any misuse of English.
    But hey, I’m just one voter.

  253. Animaluver | 2:58 pm |

    Nice seeing you, too.

  254. dreeikestrell | 1:19 pm |

    even i have communicating problem
    but i not a psycho who goes around
    writing some shit in front of my house-.-
    get a life man!
    its not like you are some famous movie
    star from hollywood or something…
    what a psychopath…

  255. Jesse | 5:44 am |

    I’m a native Chinese ,while I seldom make such mistakes,but it’s interesting to see these sentences, some of them are still classical in terms of C-E transaltion.

  256. zorthargthedestroyer | 2:16 pm |

    He’s the Glinch who store Chlistmas. You’le mean one, Mistel Glinch….

    Actually he reminds me more of Eric Cartman since it’s a combination between “Screw you guys, I’m going home” and “I hate you all”.

  257. freep | 4:16 pm |

    I would put this up myself if I had the whole world looking into my backyard…

  258. MaybeMyNameIsKat | 9:21 pm |

    Well im sorry Mr. Grinch but u reming me of my dead furball- hates the world it comes from… Emphasis on IT

  259. MaybeMyNameIsKat | 9:22 pm |

    Anyone got a crowbar?

  260. MaybeMyNameIsKat | 9:24 pm |

    soooooooooo who’s up for trespassing?

  261. Becky | 10:08 am |

    Well im comin in anyway! lol

  262. Gerson | 3:47 am |


    Oh boy did you really miss your point there miss or mr lonely.

  263. 101mahina | 4:58 am |

    All I read was: All of you listen to me, I will call you to my bangolow house, understand?
    So that’s why I’m here 😀

  264. emr_nyc | 12:20 am |

    gotcha , lets try another one
    – luck

  265. Mrin | 3:14 am |

    LOL!! thats one saddest guy on earth!!! he needs some love!!!! :)

  266. jorge | 11:33 am |

    SIGN COMPANY SALES REP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    CUSTOMER: yis! won mo ding! I Hate You

  267. Tony | 11:07 pm |

    Hahaha.. that indeed is the most hilarious!

  268. Luis Peres | 3:05 pm |

    I´m going to post this one on my door !

  269. Elena | 3:33 pm |

    Damn you kids, get off my lawn!

  270. Sophia | 11:48 pm |

    wow, does anyone have the suspicion that this person is obviously creating a meth lab or grow op???

  271. Mudkip Starflower | 3:21 pm |

    I thought he only came to steal Christmas!

  272. Osama bin L. | 6:33 am |

    He stole my sign. I hate him. — Osama

  273. SoSolly | 7:59 pm |

    *Slowly shuffles away, dejectedly, head hung low and sobbing uncontrollably.*

  274. OMG! | 8:07 am |

    i wonder if dilivery man hate resident too…

  275. zmud | 7:56 pm |

    Don’t you guys get it? We’ve finally found Elvis…and he ISN’T leaving the building.

  276. ♡♥♡i hate u 2♡♥♡ | 9:36 pm |

    listen to YOO? i dont want to listen to YOO! but ill read. dont disturb there? ok. i dont disturb there cuz then police catch me u YOO will call. and i aware not come to ur B-A-N-G-A-L-O-W. nice to know where YOO livez too. i live in a bungalow YOO live in a bangalow. you hate me? do YOO? huh? i hate YOO too mr.grinchy! (^_^) with lots of (T_T) and ♥♡♥

  277. Biff the Understudy | 1:08 pm |

    The Bangolow House employees all wondered why they never had any customers after they installed the new sign…

  278. Robotnik | 3:33 pm |

    Why can’t everyone be more like this guy?

  279. obet | 10:29 pm |

    only in Malaysia

  280. juststoppinby | 5:27 pm |

    OMG I was laughing so hard as I was reading the sign. Dude I can almost hear the guy/woman talking in that voice LOL

  281. tadchem | 12:05 pm |

    That explains why there hasn’t been a trash pick-up in months.

  282. Janet | 1:17 am |

    Nice to see you too!

  283. maurice | 12:46 am |

    Police couldn’t care less. Solly.

  284. solstice_sg | 12:06 pm |

    This is not Engrish or broken English. It is a deliberate attempt to humor. I live in Singapore and our Malaysians neighbor do speak and write good English. As someone living in this region I see it as meant to be a light-hearted notice.

  285. Doodaddy | 11:30 am |

    Yes, I hate all of you…but there’s a sadness to my hatred….

  286. Aisha | 11:21 am |

    Wow, a simple ‘beware of dog’ sign would have been enough, smh. Lol

  287. CRAPGUY | 4:25 am |

    You serious about “I will call the police to catch you”?P.S.I want to know your house address.

  288. Miceal M. | 3:20 pm |


  289. Crystal | 6:31 am |

    Awww, now that Ray’s posted the story behind this, I actually feel rather sad for the old lady. D:

    It’s not funny anymore.

  290. Salt | 9:07 am |

    we love you too!

  291. Sarah | 9:30 pm |

    They could’ve put up a “NO SOLICITING” sign and been done with it..

  292. luo xiao min | 3:50 pm |

    This is the house when it’s on fire, the neighbors would turn off the water host and watch!

  293. Crintu Eastowoodu | 7:13 pm |

    This is meaning of you all the witness jehovahs.

  294. katsia | 2:14 am |

    I know that feeling!

  295. doomeduniverse | 9:46 am |

    I don’t know what the grinch sounds like, so I read this in eric cartman’s voice in my head.

  296. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:30 am |

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