I always wondered where the Grinch lived…

posted on 22 Jul 2008 in Engrish from Other Countries

And have a nice day…

Sign found in Malaysia.

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  1. TheEndisnear | 8:49 pm |

    If a jehova witness came 2 my house I would pretend 2 be getting some thing andthen when open the door again I’ll have a full on rager and jack it in front of them.

    Those and scientologists

  2. KBurchfiel | 3:06 pm |

    I understand this is one of the most popular Engrish.com pictures ever, but I’ve never liked it. The guy’s just being a jerk, and the humor comes more from that than from any misuse of English.
    But hey, I’m just one voter.

  3. Animaluver | 2:58 pm |

    Nice seeing you, too.

  4. dreeikestrell | 1:19 pm |

    even i have communicating problem
    but i not a psycho who goes around
    writing some shit in front of my house-.-
    get a life man!
    its not like you are some famous movie
    star from hollywood or something…
    what a psychopath…

  5. Jesse | 5:44 am |

    I’m a native Chinese ,while I seldom make such mistakes,but it’s interesting to see these sentences, some of them are still classical in terms of C-E transaltion.

  6. zorthargthedestroyer | 2:16 pm |

    He’s the Glinch who store Chlistmas. You’le mean one, Mistel Glinch….

    Actually he reminds me more of Eric Cartman since it’s a combination between “Screw you guys, I’m going home” and “I hate you all”.

  7. freep | 4:16 pm |

    I would put this up myself if I had the whole world looking into my backyard…

  8. MaybeMyNameIsKat | 9:21 pm |

    Well im sorry Mr. Grinch but u reming me of my dead furball- hates the world it comes from… Emphasis on IT

  9. MaybeMyNameIsKat | 9:22 pm |

    Anyone got a crowbar?

  10. MaybeMyNameIsKat | 9:24 pm |

    soooooooooo who’s up for trespassing?

  11. Becky | 10:08 am |

    Well im comin in anyway! lol

  12. Gerson | 3:47 am |


    Oh boy did you really miss your point there miss or mr lonely.

  13. 101mahina | 4:58 am |

    All I read was: All of you listen to me, I will call you to my bangolow house, understand?
    So that’s why I’m here šŸ˜€

  14. emr_nyc | 12:20 am |

    gotcha , lets try another one
    – luck

  15. Mrin | 3:14 am |

    LOL!! thats one saddest guy on earth!!! he needs some love!!!! šŸ™‚

  16. jorge | 11:33 am |

    SIGN COMPANY SALES REP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    CUSTOMER: yis! won mo ding! I Hate You

  17. Tony | 11:07 pm |

    Hahaha.. that indeed is the most hilarious!

  18. Luis Peres | 3:05 pm |

    IĀ“m going to post this one on my door !

  19. Elena | 3:33 pm |

    Damn you kids, get off my lawn!

  20. Sophia | 11:48 pm |

    wow, does anyone have the suspicion that this person is obviously creating a meth lab or grow op???

  21. Mudkip Starflower | 3:21 pm |

    I thought he only came to steal Christmas!

  22. Osama bin L. | 6:33 am |

    He stole my sign. I hate him. — Osama

  23. SoSolly | 7:59 pm |

    *Slowly shuffles away, dejectedly, head hung low and sobbing uncontrollably.*

  24. OMG! | 8:07 am |

    i wonder if dilivery man hate resident too…

  25. zmud | 7:56 pm |

    Don’t you guys get it? We’ve finally found Elvis…and he ISN’T leaving the building.

  26. ā™”ā™„ā™”i hate u 2ā™”ā™„ā™” | 9:36 pm |

    listen to YOO? i dont want to listen to YOO! but ill read. dont disturb there? ok. i dont disturb there cuz then police catch me u YOO will call. and i aware not come to ur B-A-N-G-A-L-O-W. nice to know where YOO livez too. i live in a bungalow YOO live in a bangalow. you hate me? do YOO? huh? i hate YOO too mr.grinchy! (^_^) with lots of (T_T) and ā™„ā™”ā™„

  27. Biff the Understudy | 1:08 pm |

    The Bangolow House employees all wondered why they never had any customers after they installed the new sign…

  28. Robotnik | 3:33 pm |

    Why can’t everyone be more like this guy?

  29. obet | 10:29 pm |

    only in Malaysia

  30. juststoppinby | 5:27 pm |

    OMG I was laughing so hard as I was reading the sign. Dude I can almost hear the guy/woman talking in that voice LOL

  31. tadchem | 12:05 pm |

    That explains why there hasn’t been a trash pick-up in months.

  32. Janet | 1:17 am |

    Nice to see you too!

  33. maurice | 12:46 am |

    Police couldn’t care less. Solly.

  34. solstice_sg | 12:06 pm |

    This is not Engrish or broken English. It is a deliberate attempt to humor. I live in Singapore and our Malaysians neighbor do speak and write good English. As someone living in this region I see it as meant to be a light-hearted notice.

  35. Doodaddy | 11:30 am |

    Yes, I hate all of you…but there’s a sadness to my hatred….

  36. Aisha | 11:21 am |

    Wow, a simple ‘beware of dog’ sign would have been enough, smh. Lol

  37. CRAPGUY | 4:25 am |

    You serious about “I will call the police to catch you”?P.S.I want to know your house address.

  38. Miceal M. | 3:20 pm |


  39. Crystal | 6:31 am |

    Awww, now that Ray’s posted the story behind this, I actually feel rather sad for the old lady. D:

    It’s not funny anymore.

  40. Salt | 9:07 am |

    we love you too!

  41. Sarah | 9:30 pm |

    They could’ve put up a “NO SOLICITING” sign and been done with it..

  42. luo xiao min | 3:50 pm |

    This is the house when it’s on fire, the neighbors would turn off the water host and watch!

  43. Crintu Eastowoodu | 7:13 pm |

    This is meaning of you all the witness jehovahs.

  44. katsia | 2:14 am |

    I know that feeling!

  45. doomeduniverse | 9:46 am |

    I don’t know what the grinch sounds like, so I read this in eric cartman’s voice in my head.

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