Happy drunks…

posted on 1 Aug 2008 in Engrish from Other Countries

Large text on mug says: “Happy Wildness Men”.

Photo courtesy of Kylee Bowman.

Found in Korea. 

50 captions

  1. Ghost08 | 9:16 am |

    …And so that’s how Matt came out of the closet to his mother. he bought himself a Happy Wildness Men mug and he left it out where she could see.

  2. XaulKnofker | 12:11 pm |

    Ohhhhhhhh… I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…

  3. Natalie | 2:06 pm |

    Men are pretty when we’re drunk..

  4. Adam | 5:04 pm |

    My manly MANLY mug!

  5. coffeebot | 6:01 am |

    Yeah, I’ll have a double latte with 8 sugars and whipped cream. Oh, Hi Lance, did you see my mug? I know, I know, it’s so manly! Check out my cowboy boots! I look like I just stepped off a loading dock thingie, don’t I ? Did you hear about Matt coming out of the closet? Well, he was pretty AND a lumberjack…

  6. Trinity | 10:57 pm |

    I take it you’re environMENtalists?

  7. Ree | 2:09 am |

    Now I feel gay…

  8. Stefan | 1:52 pm |

    Binging and “living up” go hand and hand, but only if it’s with the men we love.

  9. ali | 10:05 pm |

    It’s an ad for the Butch Gay Army! Soldiers…with benefits!

  10. John | 8:24 pm |

    I put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars…..

  11. craplo | 5:35 am |

    Buttock fondling optional

  12. craplo | 5:44 am |

    buttock fondling optional…

  13. Ed Sherman | 9:34 am |

    Get used to it !!!

  14. patcap365 | 11:47 am |

    There’s fine print on the side. “if you can read this, you are either not drunk yet, or too gay”

  15. Gazza | 1:24 am |

    Looking like the Brokeback Mountain merchandising has hitting the shelf.

  16. All your bases are belong to us. | 4:57 am |

    Women don’t have to be happy, then? Not only men but women should enjoy being theirselves. Because “We are happy peeps.” 😉

  17. Lillix | 11:29 pm |

    Well I didn’t know that there was a Brokeback Mountain coffee mug!

  18. Darkest Maiden | 6:53 am |

    And at the end of the night,

    Can’t see anything men,
    The world is spinning. We hate the world,
    We stumble home together, We should have a little less freedom…
    We are wimps, our wives hate us…
    The only thing that we want is to go home and sober up from this highly regrettable night, cry together

  19. Person | 5:36 pm |

    Okay, wildness men! Let’s all binge together! Feel Enjoy!

  20. LenoChin | 10:50 pm |

    Sounds like the cast of 300 went a little. . . gay.

  21. Amanda Martin | 8:37 am |

    and BINGE together? OMG Stop eating!!!

  22. jj | 5:38 pm |

    Thats’ how they created Tranvesdites

  23. F | 5:00 pm |

    Robin Hood had these printed up for his merry followers….

  24. Rebecca | 12:07 am |

    These mugs must make sense when you’re drunk.

  25. Trashy | 4:08 am |

    Youre also on acid !!!!

  26. We’re men (Manly men!), we’re men in tights (Yesss!) …

  27. Actually, now that I think about it, this does put the whole “metrosexual” thing into perspective.

  28. Kevin L. | 12:36 am |

    Yes. Let us binge.

  29. Jennifer | 9:24 am |

    Where might a young lady such as myself find one of these so called “happy maddness” type men?

  30. jane | 1:07 pm |

    Also avlible in pink, purple, and yellow

  31. Danny | 8:33 pm |

    this cup describes a sausagefest

  32. james | 6:40 pm |

    Well, I’ll be a belly-warmed log on Brokeback Mountain!

  33. Taylor | 10:02 am |

    Man love binge?
    Isn’t that a rumored origin of AIDS…?
    If not, it should be.
    Ah, mugs.
    Teaching me things science could never do.

  34. whovian | 7:45 pm |

    Don’t jump to conclusions. They could be pirates.

    Either that or Walt Whitman designed the mug.

  35. BigMurf | 5:54 pm |

    They could have said it shorter and sweeter with “UGHH”

  36. Al Boogie | 2:55 am |

    We are the Happy Wildness Men (HWM)

    We wildy;
    We love silky hand;
    We love beach “wokky-wokky”;
    We live to feeling tingle;
    We love sodom;
    We are all extremeness;
    We are of the deathly wave storm;

    The only thing we want is the main vein throbber, throb up together

  37. Claire | 5:55 pm |

    Ohh, psh-ah! Who needs mightiness when you’ve got gay?

  38. Joel | 2:22 am |

    Gay at the first drink…

  39. Abbie Normal | 10:18 am |

    Nice toss up of Manliness and femininity…….. You metro men! BAHAH!

  40. Mel | 7:45 pm |

    “…I cut down trees, I skip and jump
    I like to press wild flowers
    I put on women’s clothing
    And hang around in bars.”

  41. Travzlawstit | 3:38 am |

    We touch our love fun together. Keep in mind of your own selfish.

  42. Steve | 5:17 pm |

    I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok….

  43. Fady | 11:02 am |

    AaaaaH I think all you guys go ahead of me and “BINGE” together

  44. Jim Guy | 11:55 pm |

    All men, one cup!

  45. Cj | 12:49 am |

    I never really did understand why Scoutmaster John took that mug so seriously.

  46. lezza | 1:00 am |

    …an we go then and mash the potatoes of the mans we loving…

  47. Doc812 | 7:31 pm |

    Oh darkest madien it to seems you have been in the company of mens

  48. Sho | 10:57 am |

    Good Wildness Men 2.0
    We love each other. We touch one another.
    We make happiness all together.
    We are grown men. We love to frollick.
    The only thing we want to do is to turn our limp
    egg noodles into pillars of mightiness!

  49. aydonis | 6:55 pm |

    Well, if you have one of these mugs, at least you’re not alone… happy wildness men unite!



  50. Myself | 11:29 am |

    Isaac Brock has one of these mugs at the Ice Cream Party.

    (Super obscure music reference – this comment was primarily for my own amusement, I don’t expect anyone to get it)

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