10-4, dumbass

posted on 25 Aug 2008 in Toys

You’re ugly! Do you copy?


Photo courtesy of Michelle Penn

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  1. coffeebot | 3:07 pm |

    …and I never wanna be your fwiend again!

  2. coffeebot | 3:11 pm |

    I see London, I see France…

  3. coffeebot | 6:47 pm |

    “hey Billy”
    “yeah, over”
    “weren’t you adopted?”

  4. Dangevin | 12:00 am |

    “Roger, wilco and screw you.”

  5. Alex Cline | 3:23 am |

    (into the walkie talkie) Hey Tom where are you over.

    (out of the walkie talkie) Hey go F*** yourself Tom.

  6. Nyna | 7:54 pm |

    “Your momma is so fat her blood type is Crisco….over!”

  7. Ghost08 | 8:11 am |

    From the makers of YOU SUCK beepers.

  8. loke | 12:58 am |

    “This conversation is over”
    “This conversation is what?”
    “This conversation is over”
    ” U r supposed to say this conversation is over…Over, Idiot”

  9. Zuxtron | 6:46 pm |

    Made specially to filter out everything but insults!

  10. Makk | 7:56 pm |

    if you’re going to call your friend a moron, make sure his parents aren’t there to inspect

  11. Kiael | 11:28 pm |

    3TF: Our electronics are 70% more abusive than the leading competitor, Garantied!

  12. Jerry | 5:52 pm |

    “Uh, I hate your guts. Over.”

    “Roger that, dickwad. You’re a douche bag. Do you copy? Over.”

    “Yup, dickwad. I’m reading you loud and clear, turdface.”

  13. Sam | 11:41 pm |

    “Hey Peter, I think I just stepped in your parents. over”

  14. Kevin Is Azn | 6:08 pm |

    So you can make fun of kids with white kids that can go super saiyan

  15. King Boyo | 4:34 pm |

    “Hey Roger, you there?”
    “Yeah Billy, what is it?”

    “YOUR FACE!!!!”

    *Screams, Runs*

  16. ashley | 6:32 pm |

    the best way to say
    ‘screw you’!

  17. Toadsanime | 12:37 pm |

    From the makers of the ‘Interphone: Violent’.

  18. Pal | 10:35 pm |

    Sold better than the discontinued “interphone: religious” and “Interphone: Begging”

  19. lacy | 3:48 pm |

    Interface in your face!

  20. American Hammer® | 11:58 am |

    Already outselling the earlier model, Interphone: Drunk, in part due to it not being restricted to 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. use.

    WARNING: Using one handset from Interphone: Mean in conjubction with one handset from Interphone: Drunk can result in SERIOUS repercussions – see OWNERS MANUAL for instruction, codes, and emergency contact information.

  21. morgan | 11:25 am |

    hey this is fox 1, suck my balls, over
    copy that cunt.

  22. KO | 8:49 pm |

    Hey, did anyone notice what it says at the bottom…”Please play under the Adult Inspect to Protect”???

  23. Roisin | 10:41 am |

    I do like the slogan in the making on the bottom left of the packet. “INSPECT TO PROTECT”
    Not sure about the literal side of playing under the adult though.
    Ah I’m glad I remembered this site, it’s made my day!

  24. Bryan | 9:40 am |

    Did anyone notice the molester notice in the bottom left
    hand corner? “Please play under the adult”

  25. Mindwave | 5:03 pm |

    good thing they point out on the package that its a toy. I thought it was the new motorolla phone.

  26. kayla | 1:12 pm |

    the official communication method used by actuall “MEAN” bullies!
    please play under the adult … inspect to protect !?
    ps. if you choose to play under a fat adult it will provide you with shelter!

  27. Allison | 10:04 am |

    Is anyone else noticing “Please play under the adult” at the bottom? lol

  28. Karin | 5:08 pm |

    HAHAHA let’s play under my mother to inspect her now

  29. Jeff | 9:25 pm |

    Bob: “Hey you douche bag, why are you so stupid? Over.”
    Nick (shocked): “… BWAAAAAAHHHH, that’s it, now I’m definitely playing under your mother while inspecting her! OVER!!!!”

  30. hihihi | 8:14 pm |

    the easiest way to see “let’s just be enemies”

  31. DeyKae | 11:25 am |

    Make sure to step off your child after inspection to insure maximum protect(ion), otherwise the walkie talkie will tell on you.

  32. Bantugan Krisnapati | 9:09 pm |

    The cautionary warning on the bottom left is even funnier.

  33. Alexandra Edwards | 7:03 am |

    Play under the nearest adult for proper supervision?

  34. Seventy2rd o clock | 3:06 pm |

    – Are you a Roger there?

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