A tourist information center

posted on 27 Dec 2008 in Signs

These tourist information centers get around! 


Photo courtesy of Adam Gage.
Found in Japan.  

57 captions

  1. Sparkly Boof | 12:17 am |

    “When you reach tourist information center, ask to see the Great and Mighty Oz!”

  2. Algernon | 12:32 am |

    As long as you don’t go down the back passage

  3. fishyfriend | 12:39 am |

    Then where do they put it?

  4. dangevin | 1:05 am |

    Isn’t this the code to get 30 extra guys in Contra?

  5. Yogesh Damle | 1:22 am |

    I do not put a map here, the map also goes somewhere even if I scold it!

  6. Skeletextman | 3:25 am |

    I do not put a map here. I put map in the JUSTICE OFFICE, right past the FREEDOM PASSAGE, opposite the TRUTH HALL.

  7. Spoony | 4:28 am |

    If you reach the Information Hall of Meat, you have gone too far.

  8. Spoony | 4:31 am |

    Whatever you do, DO NOT turn onto East and West Incarceration Lane.

  9. Belbe | 5:28 am |

    This information centre sure takes a confusing route to it’s destination…can’t blame it for trying to lose the crazy tourists.

  10. staplerman | 6:21 am |

    i follow the direction and it leads me back here,,….

  11. gbear | 7:39 am |

    ROCK AND ROLL!!!!…………….HELLO CLEVELAND!!!!!(This will only make sense to those who have seen This is Spinal Tap)

  12. beechoak | 7:48 am |

    “You Are He–… hey! Where did it go?”

  13. Jamie Brannon | 8:57 am |

    “I do not put map here”……. because of monkeys

  14. Chris | 9:04 am |

    if you have any of above credit card, I putting map anywhere you want.

  15. alaninjapan | 11:22 am |

    map roll up in trouser leg, valiant escape bid attempting, confusing stupid american tourist plan working, phase 2 east-west passage ready

  16. Xila31 | 2:13 pm |

    You purchase direction with major credit card? Maybe you may find desk by next week.

  17. theillien | 3:45 pm |

    if this is what a tourist information center does, what does a hall of meat do?

  18. David | 4:58 pm |

    There used to be a map here, but it travels too.

  19. Jiminy | 10:32 pm |

    It goes up left stairs and goes ahead straight through…
    …or it gets the hose again!

  20. Ellen | 11:08 pm |

    A tourist information center walks into a bar…

  21. Josh | 2:57 pm |

    Oh, I couldn’t tell from the lack of a map. Thank you.

  22. Grifter Wolf | 6:14 am |

    You must be lost, last I heard Right was the EAST SIDE not North or South

  23. zanzabar | 1:53 pm |

    Asian people don’t need directions, just look how good they are on the road.

  24. TJ | 8:58 pm |

    It’s just like the IRS; This doesn’t help you, it gives you confusing information, and it’s rude!

  25. AsianNinja | 9:27 pm |

    Crap.Where are those tourist information centers?Let’s see i goes up the left stairs and….THERE’S ONE NOW!! Quick its running!

  26. Lollerskate | 6:21 am |


    The tourist information center clearly wants you to suffer, and you’ll never ever reach him. Mwahahahaha.

    -Manager’s office

  27. Ihze | 12:32 pm |

    I do not put map here, I put map there…it is in left side! down liberty lane on straight east west. CURIOSITY? what wonderful relaxing!

  28. jer0me | 1:47 am |

    Please bring y0ur GPS, just in case.

  29. A better translation: “Damn Yankee tourists, quit asking me where everything is! Do I look like a tour guide?”

  30. ZeroCentury | 1:59 pm |

    I do not put map here, map for shale, we onry accept major credit cards prease no, cash

  31. Ghost08 | 10:05 pm |

    did you ask it why it does this? Since when does a tourist information center just pick up and leave

  32. lkmjr | 7:05 pm |

    Just stay away from the EAST AND WEST FREEDOM PASSAGE, you should be fine…

  33. Miles24 | 2:01 pm |

    The map to left and behind giant dragon that leads tourist information center.

  34. Ishkfe | 12:04 pm |

    It’s pretty easy to catch it if you follow the instructions.

  35. dave | 11:20 am |

    I’m sure tourists find this very helpful.

  36. AlbelNox | 4:06 am |

    I refuse to put a map here. I don’t get paid enough to do so.

  37. taylor | 8:10 pm |

    Because I wouldn’t have known a map wasn’t there if they hadn’t written a note.

  38. Zephyr | 6:33 am |

    “…and there is it in the right side.”
    So what will the center find, if it has made all it’s way up the stairs? And, customers, hurry, it might change it’s mind and go somewhere else.

  39. Asytia | 4:34 pm |

    Tourist information centers move? Well, that explains why I can never find one, I guess…

  40. Sandor | 7:40 pm |

    So a tourist information center walks into a bar with a duck under its arm and a slab of concrete balanced on its head. And so the bartender says “yes yes up left stairs you going through North AND South freedom passage but I have no map for you today so sorry is ok?”

  41. rubarbman | 7:30 pm |

    its so hard to stalk! o.O

  42. Gon | 3:28 am |

    I know. I know, this is the des-information center,,,,

  43. neenz | 12:49 pm |

    leave it to the japanese to write a postmodern haiku for instructions.

  44. Mark | 4:50 pm |

    I do not put map here because of Blair Witch.

  45. GRT! | 8:38 pm |

    Because we WANT to help you, but really, we don’t.

  46. Dave | 10:13 pm |

    “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

  47. SpaceProg | 3:36 pm |


  48. OrEns | 10:51 am |

    Oh! Now I know where is that tourist information!
    Or maybe the other way…

  49. Janina | 10:17 pm |

    If you are not a tourist information center, do not go up left stairs. No if’s ands or buts

  50. Warrior | 7:50 pm |

    They gotta nail that tourist centre down!!

    No wonder I get lost so easily.

  51. Reiko | 3:20 pm |

    Can I have the directions to where you DO put the map?…… Never mind… I think i could find it easier on my own, thanks.

  52. don | 12:37 am |

    hey tourist information center! i’ll meet you up in the right side ok?

  53. ushiwakamaru30 | 2:48 am |

    “when you reach erevator, recite the predge of arriegance backwalds while touching yourself. a vietnamese genie will appear. Do not talk to him. Wait for the other genie to wake up. He’ll tell you how to find center…maybe I should put map here.”

  54. DeGoyen | 10:50 am |

    Try to follow the instructions after a Johnnie Worker Red Labial!

  55. Ptharien's Flame | 2:58 pm |

    Remember: this operation never occurred…

  56. Blac Kat | 9:11 am |

    A tourist information center couldn’t fit through the hallways…

  57. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:41 pm |

    – Excuse me, have you seen the tourist information center?
    – He’s in the toilet, Madam.

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