Check out the last ingredient!

posted on 4 Dec 2008 in Engrish from Other Countries, Snacks

Got anything with Koala?


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kao.
99 Ranch Market is an Asian supermarket in the US

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  1. Blake | 12:20 am |

    Obviously, I mean, it’s Pandan cake!
    Now I get why they’re gonna get extincted…

  2. Cheez | 12:36 am |

    At first I thought it was a typo… But then I tried it.

  3. Spoony | 1:00 am |

    Why do you think the Chinese zoos are always so happy when a new baby panda is born?

  4. Stefan | 1:18 am |

    Panda “flavor”? D@mmit, give me REAL panda, you cheapskates!!!

  5. Someone5125 | 2:03 am |

    Tastes like chicken… I mean, panda!

  6. Mikau Seafox | 2:08 am |

    Is that why I find fuzzy bits on it? XD

  7. Smegma | 2:31 am |

    Only a buck? Wow!

  8. Brandon | 3:13 am |

    Pandan Sandwich Cake — The Cuddly Cake!

  9. crocodeeeeell | 3:38 am |

    hmm actually pandan cake does taste nice, its make out of an extract from a tropical plant…

    its origins are from malaysia, indonesia and philippines.. LOL

    but i do understand y this can be funny

  10. Chris | 5:06 am |

    It’s a quarter pounder…

  11. Eric G | 5:08 am |

    You can really tell the Pandas were bamboo fed.

  12. jjhitt | 5:21 am |

    Moving on down to the 99 Ranch.
    Gonna be a big time panda wrangler.
    Rouning them up and making cake.
    Cake sandwiches, that is…

  13. mikey | 5:59 am |

    I hear it’s a real “bear” to make 😛

  14. Grifter Wolf | 6:08 am |

    Just when you thought you only saw things in black and white, you have to eat it too…

  15. coffeebot | 6:20 am |

    Mmmm, they’re so good my hunger is on the endangered list!

  16. beechoak | 6:24 am |

    ALLERGEN ALERT: Contains wheat, egg, soy, and pet dander.

  17. Eric G | 6:44 am |

    What’s black and white and red in the inside?

  18. Josh | 7:50 am |

    Wouldn’t want them to become overpopulated is all I’m saying.

  19. Someone5125 | 9:55 am |

    “Sell by 04/14/08”? So that’s how they make it taste like panda!

  20. Kelsey | 10:19 am |

    Pandan Sandwich Cake: It’s a Panda, sandwiched between two cakes!

  21. Brian | 11:25 am |

    Hmmm, Panda ? I dunno, tastes more like Koala to me…

  22. Hollie | 12:35 pm |

    this brand only uses panda “flavoring”. I prefer real panda in my cakes. I’ll pass.

  23. DanT | 1:24 pm |

    Don’t worry, it’s artificial Panda flavor (for all-natural, organic Panda, go to Whole Foods)

  24. DanT | 1:25 pm |

    I was going to have the Dodo wrap, but they ran out, so this will have to do…

  25. Risu | 2:04 pm |

    hmm Panda Pancakes. has a nice ring to it.

  26. DieselDragon | 4:45 pm |

    [Directly inspired by Chris’s caption above…]

    McDonalds ask Ranch Market to road-test their new Quarter-Panda sandwich… 😀

  27. DieselDragon | 4:48 pm |

    Hmmm. The “use by” date is in April, and it’s now December 2008CE…

    …Is this a suitable candidate for “Engrish Leftovers”? 🙂

  28. Lenochin | 5:18 pm |

    @ crocodeeeeell
    “but i do understand y this can be funny”. So did I, . . . until I read your post.

  29. L_L_Dude | 7:16 pm |

    Actually, this thing is real, check it out.

    But I do understand why this is funny. And I thought whale burgers were bad…

  30. Sparkly Boof | 7:31 pm |

    Oh SHOOT! I forgot to pick up a half pound of spotted owl. Well, at least I still have some bald eagle in the freezer

  31. ChillinCharlie | 8:48 pm |

    Try our other Flavor, Kung-fu Pandan Cake. It has a real kick to it.

  32. Gie78 | 9:11 pm |

    Pandan cake is a light, fluffy cake of Malay origins (Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines) flavored with the juice of Pandanus amaryllifolius leaves. The cakes are light green in tone due to the chlorophyll in the leaf juice. It also sometimes contains green food colouring to further enhance its colour. The cakes are sometimes not made with the leaf juice but instead simply flavoured with pandanus extract, in which case, colouring must be added to give the cake a It is also known as pandan chiffon.
    The typo error is in the ingredient stated.

  33. engrishwebmaster | 9:40 pm |

    Thanks Gie78 and L_L_Dude – I think we understand. This is why I pointed out in the title to “check out the last ingredient!”, since that is the funny part. 🙂

  34. Karistra | 10:20 pm |

    “You call yourselves the 99 Ranch Market and you charged me a dollar! I want my penny back!”

    Sadly, I have had customers argue with me over something like that. Forget about using endagered animals for flavoring, they’re mis-advertising their price! Oh, the horror!

  35. Gie78 | 3:39 am |

    I am sure most of us understood!

    This is just to be sure that some of us are not laughing at ourselves in the end! hehehe…….(read from the beginning)
    It’s a pandan cake or should have been, it’s a PANDA cake! An ‘N’ makes a lot of difference.
    I must say this is a very interesting site, no harm done and didn’t mean to harm any!

  36. L_L_Dude | 7:29 am |

    Shoot! I didn’t notice that! Thanks. And I agree with Gie78. It was merely a clarification. No harm done.

  37. Kyle | 9:40 pm |

    new at panda express!

  38. Jamie Brannon | 11:51 am |

    it expired on my b-day, is it safe to eat?

  39. Nick | 1:26 am |

    Ahh, i use to always go to Ranch Market in Seattle!

  40. A person | 3:44 pm |

    Is it natural or artificial? Red panda or giant panda? Is it kosher? Can vegetarians eat it? Vegans? Wouldn’t it take a lot less time if I just went to Panda Express?


  41. Ghost08 | 1:08 am |

    panda the other other other white meat

  42. Cornerstoreman | 5:52 pm |

    Pandan comes from the Pandanus tree leaves (yeah yeah…Panda+anus…)
    It’s common Asian knowledge…

  43. Kara | 9:59 am |

    Mmmmmm Panda……

  44. Jillian | 9:51 pm |

    Contains: flour, eggs, soy, endangered species.

  45. Tracey | 11:49 am |

    Somebody call PETA

  46. Lora | 3:00 pm |

    Mmm, panda cake. A perfect snack to fill the gap between that whooping crane sandwich at lunch and the roast bald eagle for supper! 🙂

  47. zahzah | 7:44 pm |

    has nothing to do with pandas or any sorts of meat although it turns most food green

  48. Wyatt | 7:04 pm |

    So THAT’S why pandas are going extinct…

  49. Enclave | 8:23 am |

    Mmmmmmm…. Panda!

  50. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:21 pm |

    I prefer Poo weenies

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