His delivery boy guaranteed to stalk you…

posted on 21 Dec 2008 in Engrish from Other Countries

Everybody keeps asking for hand-tossed…


Photo courtesy of Robert Badger.
Ad found in Seoul Korea subway line.

Original drinks

posted on 20 Dec 2008 in Engrish from Other Countries


Photo courtesy of Frederick Frondoza.
From Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

No worry anythiing

posted on 19 Dec 2008 in Chinglish


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Photo courtesy of Luke Harries.
Taken in Beijing, China.  

I am above all these cheap clothes…

posted on 18 Dec 2008 in Chinglish



Photo courtesy of Mathias Holmberg.
Found in 

Addiction Engrish

posted on 17 Dec 2008 in Containers


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Photo courtesy of “baconfrappe”.
Lighter found in Japan.

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