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posted on 29 Jan 2009 in Chinglish, Menus


Photo courtesy of Jeff & Wendy Chuck.
Room Service Menu at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China. 

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  1. unknownhere | 10:47 pm |

    ooh! do you have the strawberry crap?

  2. feeled | 8:03 pm |

    Since Tiramisu means “pick me up” I guess Chocolate Puke translates as “throw me up”.

  3. Laughingmyumoff | 9:29 pm |

    So is this better than the tossed cookies, cause those just weren’t smooth enough!!!

  4. viewer | 8:21 am |

    I’m surprised the menu’s from the White Swan Hotel, its supposedly the best in Guangzhou. But chocolate puke and an ambiguous selection of cheeses is amusing indeed. I think I see another curiosity at the top which I’m assuming should read ‘Fried Rice Noodle with Beer’? That would be quite interesting to say the least.

  5. ella | 1:34 pm |

    It’s made from eight differennt types of puke!

  6. wew.. | 9:13 am |

    sweet and sour cannot be in the same menu, in the same time.

    chocolate + puke = sweet and sour dessert.

  7. jiniton | 6:35 am |

    chocolate puke are now season

  8. gorba | 8:57 pm |

    Chocolate Puke. Yuuummmmm.

  9. Alice in Wonderland | 4:51 pm |

    The dessert menu is for dogs and mice only.

  10. Ty Satterfield | 4:00 am |

    “Better than puke flavored puke i guess.”

  11. Paulo | 3:12 pm |

    What happened to the vanilla vomit?

  12. Lora | 3:35 pm |

    -The chocolate’s so nice, you’ll want to eat it twice.
    -I never heard of chocolate making you sick BEFORE you eat too much of it!
    -Comes with your choice of seats near the ladies or men’s room.
    -The service is so good they make sure the food’s digested before you even eat it!

  13. Warrior | 8:59 pm |


  14. Cher | 12:53 pm |

    Tastes as good coming up as it did going down!

  15. wronglish | 11:08 pm |

    chocolat du puke, anybody?

  16. susanne | 1:48 am |

    Been there with no puke, just a smart cookie. Go with the Tiramisu or Fruit plate. Best date outside Bagdad.

  17. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:39 pm |

    At least it’s chocolate.

  18. Seventy2rd o clock | 8:40 pm |

    What was it before – a cake or just chocolate?

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