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posted on 8 Jan 2009 in Bags/Packaging


Photo courtesy of ‘Topazure’.
Bag found in Japan.  

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  1. garudamon11 | 9:13 am |

    thats what happens when you use anti-lust spray too much

  2. Lora | 6:41 pm |

    Can’t… think… of…good… caption… mind… paralyzed…

  3. cetta | 6:53 pm |

    paralyzed mind check, hmmm now what else can i delight today?

  4. Alfaritmos | 6:18 pm |

    I just figured it out. This is a train of thought. First the person was having a great day in the forest when he was stung by the bee. Then he went into allergic shock started to hear sounds and fell over paralyzed. Then a bear wonder over to eat the guy. the bear is just happy to have such a big meal.

  5. Games PS3 | 7:50 pm |

    Thank You Great Weed.

  6. DrLex | 11:06 am |

    My mind is paralyzed and can’t run away from the mutant orange panda whose eyes have sunk below his nose! Worst bad trip ever.

  7. twins410 | 9:54 pm |

    I often find my mind to be paralyzed on delightful days.

  8. Miss Monty | 4:10 pm |

    Bear: Time to have a delightful day!!!

    (Bear takes some crazy psychedelic pills. About a half hour later…)

    Bear: Whooooa, man! I can feel the music! I can even SEE the music!! This is awesome!! Hey, wait a minute…why does it feel like my eyes are sliding of my face? Where did this giant bee with rabies come from and why can’t I run from it??!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME??!!!! Oh, dude!! I thing my mind is…PARALYZED!!!!!!!!!!

    (Bear’s eyes slides off face and falls to the floor, bouncing like rubber balls.)

  9. Seventy2rd o clock | 9:28 pm |

    Hello! Are you a brain specialist?

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