My complexion cleared up!

posted on 13 Jan 2009 in Chinglish


Bread rolls found in Beijing. 

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  1. Brandon | 3:12 am |

    As seen on Facebook… so on.

  2. Algernon | 3:41 am |

    For those who want their rolls stiff.

  3. beechoak | 4:40 am |

    “Sesame Method Wrap good for Siamese beauty, and so on and so on, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…”

  4. Michael | 4:45 am |

    Ingredients: Deluxe face powder, super mouthwash, expensive rock salt, and so on….

  5. Eric G | 5:48 am |

    At least they use so on instead of yadda yadda yadda.

  6. gbear | 5:50 am |

    Ingredients: Deluxe Face Powder, Salt, So on…you get the idea. JUST BUY THE STUPID THING!!!!

  7. gbear | 5:51 am |

    This proves carbohydrates aren’t all that bad for you.

  8. Grifter Wolf | 6:07 am |

    It improves your inner beauty, and tastes like the ocean… and so on…

  9. galliard | 6:15 am |

    I’m on a “so on” free diet…do you have anything with “etc.” or “stuff like that” instead?

  10. Ew. I hope they don’t expect you to eat that.

  11. kapow | 6:18 am |

    Try the Sesame Method Wrap for your sesame-less face

  12. Yogesh Damle | 6:25 am |

    Are you sure they didn’t mean ‘faeces’? After seeing ‘steamed crap’ and ‘ass drink’, I’ve nothing else to think of!

  13. Yogesh Damle | 6:27 am |


    “Are you sure they didn’t mean ‘deluxe faeces powder’? After seeing ’steamed crap’ and ‘ass drink’, I’ve nothing else to think of!

  14. alaninjapan | 7:02 am |

    salt so on was sent to a reeducation camp years ago

  15. Josh | 7:40 am |

    100% of your daily yeast, 215% of your daily estrogen, etc . . .

  16. Dude | 7:59 am |

    Let’s see…face powder, yeast, salt, yada yada yada…who cares about the rest of the ingredients?

  17. Chris | 8:38 am |

    Because they’re worth it.

  18. Flartus | 8:46 am |

    Is this any more reliable than the rhthym method?

  19. Arnas | 11:35 am |

    I’m sure the rest of the ingredients are illegal *shifts eyes both ways* let’s do this!

  20. Cedric | 12:20 pm |

    just a little remark.
    The chinese part are perfectly right.
    the character 面 is the simplified version of 麵 in traditional chinese (which is used in taiwan and hong kong)

  21. Duck | 12:21 pm |

    Scene at the factory, 5 minutes until end of shift:

    Boss: Jenkins! I need you to add the ingredient list to the packaging before you go home today!
    Jenkins: But boss, it’s 5 minutes until quitting time …
    Boss: Do it! Or it’s your job!
    Jenkins: Okay okay! *yeesh* …
    * Jenkins then writes out the ingredients … Deluxe Face Powder, Salt, Yeast … suddenly, with a smirk and a self satisfied grin as the quitting bell rings … AND SO ON …

  22. BeadyEl | 12:22 pm |

    If you like our deluxe sesame face powder, you’ll love our buttermilk pancake makeup!

  23. pkkkv | 4:48 pm |

    Actually 高級麺粉=高级面粉, the former is traditional Chinese, while the latter is simplified Chinese, which is the one used in Mainland China.

  24. Jamie Brannon | 5:36 pm |

    Mary Kay’s new line of Anti-Aging products. Compleat with Face Powder, Salt, Foundation, Yeast, and so on….

  25. Puki | 5:50 pm |

    Step no. 6 of the method: To open the wrapper, exclaim ‘Open Sesame!”

  26. Katie | 6:14 pm |

    So your face can be as beautiful as Big Bird’s…

  27. fishyfriend | 6:35 pm |

    Is that why it tastes like chalk?

  28. BigFatCat | 7:06 pm |

    A proud sponsor of Sesame Street!

  29. Lollerskate | 8:30 pm |

    Only the best cosmetics are used on our cakes, biscuits, haggis, and so on…

  30. Leonard | 8:35 pm |

    We eat “so on” all the time here in the states. Haven’t you ever wondered what “Natural and Artificial Flavors” and/or “Spices” means?

    It’s English for “so on.” Maybe they need to send their labeling department to an American marketing class. 😉

  31. Puki | 10:34 pm |

    No wonder. If they’re quite advanced in producing milk with melamine, foodstuff made from face powder is a piece of cake…

  32. tdog | 12:56 pm |

    I’m not eating this unless the face was raised organically and ground humanely.

  33. Lollipop | 3:38 pm |

    Oh, I can’t eat this. I’m allergic to so on.

  34. TJ | 8:58 pm |

    From the company that brought you, “Perfect Eye Remover”. (see previous engrishes).

  35. galliard | 9:49 pm |

    Jack Burton: “Terrific, a six-demon bag. Sensational. What’s in it, Egg?”

    Egg Shen: “Wind, fire, deluxe face powder, salt…all that kind of thing!”

  36. hi | 11:48 pm |

    … and on and on and on…

  37. Kimgiggly79 | 9:16 pm |

    ingredients are so overrated

  38. rogueofmv | 2:17 pm |

    But I’m allergic to so on.
    I think I’ll buy this one. It substitutes in blah blah blah for so on…

  39. pinball | 8:52 am |

    If they’re telling us this bread has face powder in it, how bad can the ingredients be that they’re NOT telling us about?

  40. Alice in Wonderland | 6:21 pm |

    I’m a little concerned about the “so on”…

  41. Atli Hafsteinsson | 4:09 am |

    Can’t beat the organic approach…

  42. Ghost08 | 9:14 pm |

    and so on includes all those illegal substances they slipped in there

  43. Tan | 2:09 pm |

    It’s a word for word direct translation of the Chinese characters.

  44. pech | 9:04 pm |

    Can’t you understand? Face powder is so much cheaper than real flour. I’d write the rest of the ingredients down, but there isn’t enough room for even half of the cheap chemicals that we put in there instead of food. Look, didn’t our advertisement SAY it tastes good? Isn’t that all that matters? Who do you think you are, a doctor? Your friends eat it. All the cool people eat it. Face powder is a “natural flavor”, ya know. And so on.

  45. gorba | 9:03 pm |

    “so on” because they ran out of time and didn’t feel like explaining…

  46. Curly | 12:17 pm |

    Too bad, I’m allergic to foods containing so on.

  47. donjuan71 | 10:11 am |

    My wife has had eight children since we started the sesame method.

  48. Shannon | 10:35 pm |

    so on, because they know the consumer can’t pronounce the rest of the ingredients anyway.

  49. Warrior | 8:13 pm |

    Mystery bread.

  50. Heather | 12:00 am |

    I’m just worried about what exactly “so on” might be…

  51. Ich | 2:21 am |

    The new take on Powdered Donuts.

  52. JuJuBean | 10:19 pm |

    Don’t you wish all ingredient labels said that? “yeast, salt, so on”

  53. susanne | 1:10 am |

    The King of Siam used to say “Etc., etc., etc.” I am guessing that these folks feel “modern”.

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