Our house bear thang – Korean menu

posted on 3 Jan 2009 in Engrish from Other Countries, Menus

Photo courtesy of Jaemin Chung.
Menu found in Korea.
Taken from same menu as
this popular Engrish.  

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  1. Josh | 8:25 am |

    The cold noodle rubs the bear thing – it’s dinner and a show!

  2. chickenman | 5:01 am |

    Oh no! Cold rubbed noodle! He knows me better than myself!

  3. Bonnie | 12:10 pm |

    It steams, it steams! What a world, what a world….!

  4. Ethd | 9:33 pm |

    They’re trying to be “hip” and “cool” and “rad” and “spankin'” and “wicked” and “far out” by serving that thang, you. I mean yo.

  5. goldcaddy | 1:33 pm |

    ive never had beef in it’s proper form!

  6. TokyoEric | 3:14 pm |

    My noodle is cold. Please rub it and make it steam.

  7. Miza | 10:18 pm |

    Geez six membership fees seems like a lot of money for one dish. Can I get a guest order?

  8. Ghost08 | 9:32 pm |

    i don’t think i want to eat at a place where almost every food has a …verb

  9. Pirka | 6:51 pm |

    If your cold noodle is hamhung, just rub it!

    Or, of course –

    Fire soybeam! It steams on impact! *sound effects*

  10. Therealnick | 10:26 pm |

    I’ll take the six membership fees pip rice.

  11. Larissa | 5:41 pm |

    우릐전 곰탕 (u rie jeon gom tang) means ‘Bowl of Oxtail Soup’, I think. I’m not too fluent in Korean though, so I’m probably not right.

  12. Ishkfe | 12:00 pm |

    What kind of blood is the rice served in soup made of?

  13. koreanpie | 1:13 am |

    It’ll be even funner if you actually understood the korean because what they’ve obviously done is translate each letter for its own meaning rather than translating the whole word XD for example, the thrid word actually says “raw beef mixed rice” but raw beef = “yuk hwe” and “yuk” means 6 etc. XD

  14. un-PC | 3:55 am |

    It take 6 members fees to pip the rice, 5 members, it no goood.
    7 memmbers it to much, 6 just right

  15. Kara | 10:20 am |

    Our blood rice… it steams!

  16. Lemon | 11:18 pm |

    When house bear thang is served, waitstaff uses valley girl accent.

  17. Mark | 4:07 pm |

    The cold noodle whichit rubs or else the hose it gets again.

  18. Janina | 10:09 pm |

    And I thought I could eat the thinsliced beef in it’s improper form. 🙁

  19. Ptharien's Flame | 6:00 pm |

    Shake that thang!

  20. JuJuBean | 10:10 pm |

    It’s like they learn their engrish from Buffalo Bill, (Silence of the Lambs)

  21. PhiloBetto | 12:26 pm |

    Ah, what the heck! Gimme everything, and add lotsa coil!…

  22. Brian | 2:46 pm |

    It rubs the cold noodle, or else it gets the hose again.

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