Thank you stayed here.

posted on 29 Mar 2009 in Signs


Photo courtesy of Eric Martins.
Found posted on bathroom door at Japan hotel.ย 

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  1. J-Luke | 1:13 am |

    Thank you is expensive nowadays so we are going to re-use it…

  2. J-Luke | 1:15 am |

    Next time we will provide not enough service for your convenience…

  3. Chris | 1:35 am |

    No stand-up bathing.

  4. John Tranbo | 1:58 am |

    Please do not joke for the Bath Room…He’s been very sensitive lately, and doesn’t like kids or children!

  5. forrest | 1:59 am |

    Security cameras in the Bath room is no joke

  6. Lala | 2:15 am |

    So,adults can joke for the Bath room and not get into trouble?

  7. Mark Kevin Limkinglam | 2:54 am |

    You may notice that the Bad Room could be near the Bath Room.

  8. algernon | 2:56 am |

    Beware the naughty police.

  9. SailorEuropa | 3:01 am |

    What is leave day? Is that like Earch Day?

  10. Mirchev | 3:39 am |

    Leave day may soon be very approaching.

  11. jjhitt | 4:30 am |

    Did you hear the one about the two urinals that walked into this gay bar…

  12. Risu | 4:54 am |

    Wow, it’s like they’re psychic or something.

  13. Niagara Powered | 5:20 am |

    We once had a mime do his “trapped in a box” routine in the bathroom… THAT pushed us over the edge!

  14. Jimmy Z | 5:24 am |

    We needed to crack down. Jerry Seinfeld made a big stink last time he was here.

  15. Niagara Powered | 5:43 am |

    EXPOSED – The dangers of “Second-hand laughter”… especially in small spaces like bathrooms. Which is a shame really, because bathrooms generally are the most humorous of all rooms.

  16. bigcaddy | 7:05 am |

    (forgotten rule) please present voucher before breakfart

  17. Big Fat Cat | 9:55 am |

    I only joke in the bad room when there is not enough service.

  18. Cbass | 9:59 am |

    I used to joke with my mate bathroom….too bad i can’t do that in Japan :(

  19. Someone | 10:46 am |

    “Hello? Is this Mr. Anderson’s family? I’d like to inform you that Mr. Anderson told a joke in front of the bathroom. We’d like to ask you to punish him when he gets home. Thank you for your cooperation.”

  20. PG | 10:52 am |

    Japan’s homeland security is a little different from what we are used to in North America.

  21. DieselDragon | 11:11 am |

    So the family will be reported…But does that mean the kid’ll get off scott free? :)

  22. DieselDragon | 11:15 am |

    I’ll enjoy staying Japan until leave day, after which I’ll become England again. Is that good to please your cooperation? :)

  23. DieselDragon | 11:17 am |

    Apologising for a sufficient level of service? This hotel must’ve been run by Emos! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. DieselDragon | 11:20 am |

    For some, leave day is good…But for others, leave day never comes! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    (See ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  25. Poisonus gus | 12:03 pm |

    I got news for ya, buddy. I already am trouble. I kid, I kid.

    …..see ??

  26. gilbert | 12:10 pm |

    Wait. There’s CAMERAS in the BATHROOM?!

  27. Dude | 1:40 pm |

    Next time, we’ll do our best to give you not enough service!

  28. Xila | 2:17 pm |

    “Yes, officer, we got him on surveillance wearing a clown nose and big shoes while using the toilet.”

  29. Kyle | 2:57 pm |

    “why did the chicken cross the road?”

    “how dare you! im reporting you to your family! your trouble!”

  30. kringo | 3:17 pm |

    Ceiling Cat is really cracking down these days.

  31. Bob* | 4:18 pm |

    I can’t get enough service! you sir are trouble!

  32. Needalaugh | 5:01 pm |

    Please, don’t do anything in the bathroom that you wouldn’t want on closed-circuit TV!

  33. Blazefire | 5:27 pm |

    Thank You stayed here. If that isn’t good enough for you, what is? I mean, have you ever seen Thank You stay at the freaking Holiday Inn?

  34. Justin M. | 7:26 pm |

    That’s right. THE Thank You.

  35. lolo | 9:32 pm |

    is this where i can find Thank You?

  36. Mark Kevin Limkinglam | 9:41 pm |

    You must pass this sign if you want to go to the Bad Room.

  37. Hot Gym Girl | 11:16 pm |

    Security cameras inside the can. Hot! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Mog | 4:02 am |

    Go Home.

    Your Welcome
    Next Door.

  39. Grifter | 5:11 am |

    Is that gratitude? Paranoia? Or a threat?

  40. Chris | 7:15 am |

    Some people just don’t appreciate potty humor.

  41. Bill Posters | 9:07 am |

    I will to be re-cooperated.
    I do seduce party members of both sexes. I do joke for The Bath room, I have been to the proletarian areas…I stand here a victim of my family (I’ll be in trouble).

    I’m glad I was caught, I was mentally deranged…

  42. David | 9:40 am |

    We are sorry you enjoying your stayed. Please, don’t come back!

  43. LouCypher | 10:17 am |

    Securit camera in the bath room. That’s only in Japan ; )

  44. Gertrude | 10:34 am |

    If you smile in this bathroom, we’ll tell your mom. Please leave Japan, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  45. jjhitt | 1:22 pm |

    You joke for bathroom?
    I call Department for Implementing 15 kinds of Violent Death.
    Catch you!

  46. Ben | 2:22 pm |

    Please know that if you pass gass…there is no ventilation and the ground will shake!

  47. Sydney | 6:35 pm |

    I wonder what people did to force the employees to install security cameras in the BATHROOM…

  48. alz | 7:52 pm |

    My favorite is:

    “Sorry for enough service.”

    “If we gave you enough attention, we apologize deeply.”

  49. AJ | 11:55 pm |

    Don’t want to give your corporation? Don’t worry – our government will take it over anyway!

  50. Vegans Volant | 2:08 pm |

    God Bless for you, and for your life if you joke the Bath room. Once the Bath publishes videos, a trouble you’ll be.

  51. Terryl | 6:26 pm |

    “your welcome” just left last night

  52. Sam | 9:32 pm |

    The Japanese sure take toilet humor seriously!

  53. Styrofoam | 4:53 pm |

    Thank You stayed here?! Crap, I just missed him!

  54. Storm | 6:12 pm |

    P.S-no grammar incorect.

    You thanks you for your stays

  55. YO | 8:54 pm |

    I always looked around for cameras in bathrooms for nothing really. Now I’ve confirmed that it’s necessary.

  56. Orc | 12:42 pm |

    wow, thats crazy… having the security cameras inside the bathroom -*- if they are mounted outside of the cabins then okay but if not… =\

  57. Yo Myself | 7:38 am |

    God bless you, you uncooperative bathroom jokester.

  58. Mr. Briggs | 2:42 pm |

    We’re sorry for providing you with enough service…we hope that we’ll be less nice next time.

  59. ricaminun | 7:41 am |

    I prefer be safety!

  60. Tamye | 5:53 pm |

    bathroom cameras ftw

  61. Stonecrow | 6:26 am |

    NO poop jokes, or you’ll be trouble.

  62. Ultramarine | 6:32 am |

    Wow (!) Bathroom cameras??is it common everywhere in japan?if it’s so…my dream to visit it will be wrecked! XD

  63. Ultramarine | 6:06 am |

    It’s awful…

  64. Katie | 10:22 pm |

    I am finding this funny we love to stay hotel good thing we never do stay this one.No good hotel :)

  65. Scott | 2:22 am |

    Now, I’d like to be the one monitoring the cams in the women’s bathroom ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. Sydney | 9:42 am |

    And if you has no family, you is not trouble!

  67. Curly | 12:00 pm |

    And God Bless you for YOUR life, every one!

  68. Kara | 6:24 pm |

    You’ll report my whole family if I kid for the Bath room?

    (Bath room I would think might be those actual bathing rooms, not the potty)

  69. Spenceman | 8:13 pm |

    Lol god bless you and yourlife

  70. Chris | 1:02 pm |

    For any kidding, comedy club is going down the street.

  71. Sandor | 9:12 am |

    It would certainly be rude of me to make bad jokes in the bathroom to the security cameras that are watching me…. in the bathroom. Downright inconsiderate of me to do such a thing.

  72. SpideyMan | 5:56 am |

    How DARE you give me enough service, you horrible thing!

  73. Rob | 5:58 am |

    He was very polite.

  74. blobmonster | 8:14 am |

    umm…cameras…in the….bathroom? O.O

  75. Donny | 6:32 pm |

    We have new ploglam. You cuss and abuse bathroom, we giba you voucher for flee message. We have beauteous femans do loving message for you.

  76. Minato Mirai | 5:48 am |

    I wish I worked there! Security cameras in the Bath roomรขโ‚ฌยฆ mmmm! I guess before the cams were in toilets only, and that was not enough service.
    Now both guests and hosts can enjoy stayed Japan.

  77. Ichigo-chan | 4:33 pm |

    But I like joke The Bath Room, guess no chair bombs…

  78. Egypt-chan | 8:04 pm |

    God bless you for your life. We have security cameras, so no potty-mouth jokes.

  79. Murilo Silva | 6:14 pm |

    Tank you you tahnked me to I stayed here! I will no trouble – for I no kid. Service of your is too enough, how ever!

  80. Vonzen | 11:04 pm |

    God bless forr you and your life… im joking dumbass! -ges out shotgun- lol >.<# <(*-*v) -poke- ๐Ÿ˜›

  81. Vonzen | 11:10 pm |

    All videos of you joke will be on YouTube and link sent to you family by mail, you trouble, even if u onli took a piss. LOL >.>

  82. drumming_panda | 5:45 pm |

    No joking for the Bath room! We’ll report you if you kid! We have security cameras, so we’ll be watching you!

  83. drumming_panda | 5:46 pm |

    We’ll report you! (That means you’ll be in trouble)

  84. drumming_panda | 5:46 pm |

    So are they threatening us or blessing us? So confusing!!

  85. lolDori | 1:35 pm |

    God bless you, and your Engrish.

  86. lol | 10:31 pm |

    We couldn’t be more sorry for providing you with enough service! We tried hard not to but we failed and now you’re going home happy. Rats! >:(

  87. Old Man | 3:12 pm |

    Do not joke for the bathroom. Japanese bathrooms very serious.

  88. Jwaz | 4:21 pm |

    Any joking or kidding will result in the imprisonment of your family.

  89. chieromancer | 6:37 pm |

    Thank You stayed here. Then he left with You’re Welcome.

  90. shshs | 12:08 am |

    God bless u too

  91. don | 8:13 am |

    God bless for me…. and my life?? are you threatening me??

  92. Lala | 1:14 am |

    I’m under 18,can i stay at your hotel for a few days??hope god not forgot about u…

  93. mickeygreeneyes | 8:03 pm |

    So a minister, a rabbi, and a Shinto priest all have to go to the bathroom at the same time, see? And the minister says . . .”

  94. FatKenney | 6:17 pm |

    And a thousand apologies for our reasonable rates.

  95. wronglish | 12:48 am |

    I don’t to hope that I’ll be the trouble…
    but thank you to provide enough service while I stayed.
    May god to bless your life as well.

    PS. I didn’t to joke for the bathroom so me no trouble right?

  96. DrLex | 6:20 am |

    Bath rooms have their feelings too.

  97. Tine | 5:54 am |

    So if I tell the bath room a joke they’ll come and get me or what?

  98. Kurt Hudson | 12:34 am |

    What I just did in there is no laughing matter

  99. iLock | 8:32 am |

    I’m sure The Bath room can make up his own jokes, so don’t worry.

    Lol this whole thing’s confusing! Is stay Japan angry or well wishing…!?

  100. HardRockMark | 10:29 am |

    Does this mean I cant dance in front of the mirror???

  101. HardRockMark | 10:35 am |

    Does this mean I can’t dance in front of the mirror???

  102. takatomon | 12:25 pm |

    HEY! why is there a youtube logo on that camera?
    for when write “you suck” on walls is polite to kanji only use
    please for to give tip to man of upper lip that sweat
    when finish, please signal to stop camera
    for it is not a water fountain to drink or money throw
    for this camera is to honor your ancestors
    then you make mess not our bathroom that we not perform relief in ashtray that is yours
    complimentary at video to your stay in bathroom sent by you with music of remix by honorable techno discu jockysan
    potty over here!
    when you see the camera, first you say it, then you do it

  103. Squidblender | 7:22 pm |

    Thank You made it very clear that The Bath room wasn’t to be disturbed.

  104. Gerson | 1:42 am |

    Just keep praying that I stay.

  105. pete | 8:24 am |

    what happens in bathroom stays on youtube…

  106. j s | 11:33 pm |

    I think this is a warning against potty mouths, as they are not tolerated in public places in Japan.

  107. j s | 11:36 pm |

    I think this is a warning against potty mouths, as they are not tolerated in some public places in Japan. They will often call the police and have you removed for foul language.

  108. Biff the Understudy | 11:40 am |

    Big Brother is washing you.

  109. thedonger | 1:04 pm |

    Enough service cost money. No service much cheaper. Of course we sorry.

  110. RocketCat | 12:59 pm |

    You’re welcome has left the building.

  111. RocketCat | 4:23 pm |

    Joking for the bathroom forbidden engagingly. Bowel movement is serious business always more today.

  112. Seventy2rd o clock | 12:19 pm |

    They must be kid!

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