Creepy grass sign

posted on 7 Jul 2009 in Chinglish


Photo courtesy of HKhung.
Found in China. 

105 captions

  1. Aquophis | 9:08 pm |

    Why the grass is smiling is a secret only they’ve the sadistic pleasure to know.

  2. David O | 11:15 am |

    That is not a smile. That’s a smirk. This grass secretly enjoys being stepped on, and mowed.

  3. Jonathan | 8:43 am |


  4. Oocca | 5:16 pm |

    Oops, looks like I kicked this paint bucket over. How sad that it landed on this lawn that was smiling at me.

  5. RocketCat | 1:02 pm |

    …And we’re laughing in the hiding bush.

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