How rommttc!

posted on 31 Jul 2009 in Toiletries

Just don’t expect me to call the next day…

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Photo courtesy of David Sterry
Toilet paper found in Hiroshima, Japan.

27 captions

  1. Jay | 2:13 am |

    Oh you silltty potpourri, I confess, I need you to get rid of all these dingleberries in my life. But can’t you see that despite all your sweet talk, I’ll just use you and cast you aside?

  2. Spoony | 3:19 am |

    Before you even know you need it, rape.

  3. Terryl | 3:22 am |

    silly potpourri. How can dead, dried leaves enrich the world around me? I guess i’ll never know it.

  4. Jazzy | 3:26 am |

    Whatever happened to honnestty in advertising?

  5. Big Fat Cat | 3:55 am |

    Silltty is a typo. It should be Shhitty.

  6. Sparkly Boof | 4:20 am |

    Hell, I’ll take two boxes please! Now excuse me, I need to go break up with my boyfriend.

  7. Blaze | 4:52 am |

    Sllitty Potpourri knows it is the only one that can complete your life.

    It has been watching you from the dumpster behind your apartment. It likes to lick the hairbrush you threw away.

  8. Sparkly Boof | 4:56 am |

    Blaze I laughed so hard my soda went up my nose! Funniest caption I’ve read in a while! Thank you!

  9. Just Me | 4:58 am |

    Hey potpourri, I get home at 8. Why don’t you slip into a niiiiice comfortable dish and…oh! you’re already here! Wow…before I even knew I needed you. Amazing.

  10. Grifter | 5:01 am |

    Just don’t be an asstthole

  11. DieselDragon | 5:06 am |

    TTY Pot-Pourri? I know that my computer hasn’t been cleaned out for a while, but surely it doesn’t smell THAT bad?… 😮

  12. DieselDragon | 5:07 am |

    When you know that you need something a bit “special”…Something like the person who came up with that text! 🙂

  13. Yogesh Damle | 5:45 am |

    Don’t confuse me with the Sandpaper… you’ll end up bellydancing!

  14. Ren | 6:20 am |

    Let the rich stink of river mud carry your weary mind downstream.

  15. Brandon | 7:14 am |

    I want you inside me, Silltty Potpourri! DAMN! You’re for external use only!!

  16. Slider | 7:24 am |

    My sediments exactly..

  17. Cecily | 10:39 am |

    Nice try, Silltty Potpourri, but I’m not falling for that line from a home scenting product again. A can of Glade air freshener already broke my heart.

  18. Chris | 10:59 am |

    Wow, bathroom romance.

  19. BeadyEl | 11:52 am |

    Hmm… this potpourri smells like the bottom of a river!!

  20. DieselDragon | 12:14 pm |

    The latest Japanese innovation: Dual-purpose toilet roll…Cleans AND freshens! 🙂

  21. TJ | 1:39 pm |

    You know you’re high when dead flowers claim they can enrich your life.

  22. g.r. | 2:47 pm |

    Silltty Potpourri: when sannddy potpourri is too abbrassive and cllayyey poupourri is too stickkyy.

  23. Bill S. | 4:12 pm |

    Does it smoke when it’s done?

  24. Ken Story | 11:27 am |

    i like my slutty potpourri

  25. Belbe | 2:30 am |

    This “Silltty Potpourri” better be a code name for a blow-up doll.

  26. Squitty | 6:28 pm |

    Oh, Silltty Potpourri! Scott has never been so romantic, so I choose you!

  27. John van Rooyen | 7:53 am |


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