As if they don’t have it hard enough…

posted on 2 Feb 2010 in Uncategorized

They never saw it coming…

Photo courtesy of Melissa.
Traffic light device to assist the blind in Hong Kong.

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  1. Ruben | 2:34 am |

    Your dog is your best buddy.

  2. CommieDog | 3:16 am |

    Um…This looks like proper English to me, unless the Chinese makes clear that what is being offered is an aide instead of an aid.

    Still, the unfortunate similarity between the plural form of “aid” and a certain immunodeficiency disease with worth a chuckle.

  3. Algernon | 4:24 am |

    If only my seeing eye dog could read.

  4. jjhitt | 4:30 am |

    Chinese, English and no Braille.

  5. Ralph Hamilton | 5:02 am |

    Even the queen has aides.

  6. Blaze | 5:19 am |

    It can be hard to see the reasoning behind some special interest groups. But like most, this one eventually went viral.

    Buh-dum-dum PSH!

  7. beechoak | 5:25 am |

    Is that a drive-up ATM with Braille next to the bus stop in the background…?

  8. beechoak | 5:28 am |

    When biological warfare gets trait-specific…!

  9. Adam | 8:27 am |

    Sponsored by the aids for children campaign.

  10. Grifter | 8:29 am |

    I’m so sick of being blind!

  11. Thuggy D | 2:08 pm |

    What I want to know is, “how do they read that?”

  12. Chuck | 4:28 pm |

    Still, without eyes in the back of your head….

  13. EricG | 6:37 pm |

    Jared from Subway wanted to give everyone aids to help them lose weight.

  14. Lollerskate | 9:31 pm |

    As frist poster did make the state, not would be this to brog belonging much?

  15. coffeebot | 5:21 am |

    Mothers everywhere rejoiced when they could now warn, “Stop it! Or you’ll go blind… and catch AIDS.”

  16. Poisnous Gus | 2:41 pm |

    She looked clean to me.

  17. jamar | 6:03 am |

    I always wondered what the point of that was. I mean, you have to touch that thing on the underside of that to get the tactile cue (if it’s red, it’ll be “bzz…bzz…bzz” while if it’s green it’ll be “bzzzzzzzzzzz”. Though since there’s a matching auditory cue this is actually for the deaf-blind and not regular blind people.

  18. oth | 5:17 am |

    you don’t need to touch that thing to get the cue. And the sign isn’t for the visually impaired. It’s for other ppl who wonder what that thing does.

    There are two types of device, one for ppl who want to cross the road (if you touch it the light changes sooner), the other, as shown in the photo, is for the visually impaired. It practically means “you don’t have to touch this coz this won’t make the light change sooner, it’s for the blind”

  19. phoenixx | 1:03 am |

    what?? im blind..i cant read that…what? you cant read..greeeattt…

  20. phoenixx | 10:02 pm |

    so the blind man says to his deaf wife….

  21. Lovintheengrish | 2:47 pm |

    That’s just cruel!

  22. - | 10:36 am |

    they also did a tape recording for deef pepole and voice comand remote control for the mute

  23. Grassy Commentator | 11:34 am |

    About time those blindsters get what they deserve! Give ’em gonorrhoea too!

  24. Juju | 3:54 pm |

    This isn’t Engrish…

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