Remember – the moon is watching…

posted on 16 Feb 2010 in Chinglish, Transportation

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Anderson.
Owner manual for Chinese motor scooter.

50 captions

  1. Algernon | 2:27 am |

    Probably best to ride naked then. The moon won’t recognise you.

  2. Plank | 2:29 am |

    Don’t you dare wear uneven shoes on me…

  3. Weegee | 2:35 am |

    Look, ma! I’m driving this Scooter Naked and with no Hands!

  4. CoolTapes | 2:55 am |

    Don’t operate the steering bar by hand? I guess that means I should just let go ofAAAUUGH! OWW!!

  5. Someone | 4:11 am |

    You don’t want to make the moon impatient. Or it will come to get you!

  6. rowger | 4:37 am |

    So this one’s not for any kind of clergy, because they’re all wearing long clothes.

  7. beechoak | 5:03 am |

    Sometimes when I wear comfortable clothing, my moon gets relaxed…

  8. beechoak | 5:04 am |

    Not tonight,… I’m not in the moon…

  9. jjhitt | 5:04 am |

    Someone: That is NOT a relaxing moon.

  10. Blaze | 5:14 am |

    So… don’t use the sparking brake? That’s shocking!

    Buh-dum-dum PSH!

    Thanks everybody! I’ll be here all week!

  11. Duck | 5:18 am |

    Not necessarily a caption, more a comment – this is possibly the best example of Engrish I’ve seen in a while 🙂

  12. Peter | 5:55 am |

    This is the *entire* user manual.

  13. Grifter | 6:01 am |

    By the moon, reading these instructions is very danger.

  14. Lo-belt A. Heinrein | 6:20 am |

    The moon is a harsh road test examiner…

  15. Ralph Hamilton | 6:33 am |

    Is it alright if I steer wityh my feet, then?.

  16. Ralph Hamilton | 6:35 am |

    Errr Deng. It is actually a scooter.

  17. CallieWL | 6:55 am |

    “…obey the traffic rule.” So there’s only one? Probably something about the moon, I guess.

  18. DrLex | 7:42 am |

    So these instructions are telling me to do a 30-minute burnout of the rear wheel? Of course the moon will become impatient.

  19. BeadyEl | 7:55 am |

    Oh I’d like to ride on the moon
    I hear it’s relaxing up there
    Yes I’d like to ride on the moon
    Though the moon doesn’t have any air.

    In my comfortable clothes and my nice even shoes,
    I’ll stay off of the dry grass and go for a cruise
    But if it’s impatient I’ll be coming home soon
    Because who needs an impatient moon?

  20. Bob* | 8:00 am |

    If you can avoid it then is not an accident, moonhead 😛

  21. Lucy | 8:47 am |

    The preferred transportation to the chapel before the moonlight turns to dust…

  22. Take2 | 8:47 am |

    My moon is in a particularly unrelaxed state after a few minutes of burnouts. If I catch hold of the steering bar by hands but don’t operate it by hand, if else there is very danger . . . well then, I’ll just steer with my impatient moon. Question, how do I see where I’m going?

  23. Xila31 | 9:57 am |

    Steering by not by hand but by what? The foot? Or the moon?

  24. Classic Steve | 10:05 am |

    Wear too-loose clothing and other drivers will lose patience with your moon.

  25. Duhgee | 10:15 am |

    Oh swear not by the moon, the impatient moon
    Which sparks the dry grass and tinder
    Lest that thy love prove likewise flammable

  26. Duhgee | 10:22 am |

    Let’s go over the check list one more time: Relaxing moon, keep. Impatient moon, prohibit. Got it!

  27. Poisonous Gus | 12:22 pm |

    If we don’t want to make the moon impatient we should take the rocket ship, it’ll take us ages to get there on this.

  28. Lollerskate | 12:31 pm |

    That prevention to accident the very danger is much justify. Impatience the moon is explanation happening understood.

  29. Popsters | 12:54 pm |

    OK, let me see if I have the instructions right. I do a burn-out for 30 minutes, ride naked with no hands and then lay the bike over on its side, sparking along the pavement, and DON’T touch the muffler…

    But officer, I was just following the Operating Instructions.

  30. Satellite Heart | 1:49 pm |

    On second thought, maybe I’ll just take the bus…

    @Someone: The crap has literally been scared out of me.

  31. coffeebot | 1:51 pm |

    Assure my safe!

  32. Thuggy D | 2:30 pm |

    Obeying the traffic rule- getting the cuff out of my way!

  33. Jeff | 8:44 pm |

    Take me to the moon / and let me steer – naked! – among the stars…

  34. Steve | 11:52 pm |

    I was on the moon…with Steve.

  35. Chuck | 9:55 pm |

    Sun in Capricorn. Impatient moon over Beijing.

  36. garudamon11 | 8:31 am |

    on the other hand , you can drive in the morning

  37. Ana | 4:57 pm |

    Drive however you want when it’s the sun’s watch.

  38. Chaosweaver | 2:41 pm |

    They just don’t want you lookin’ like a fool with yo’ pants on the ground.

  39. phoenixx | 12:52 am |

    AHHHHHHHH!!!! and i thought santa was watching!! geeeepers he has an accomplice!!!! im never leavin the house again

  40. Tonberry Pie | 3:22 am |

    the moon: bitchy girlfriend of the motorcycle

  41. shawn | 11:56 pm |

    aw man I gotta even wear shoes?!

  42. Jinnie | 7:17 pm |

    gotta wear even shoes! aww i guess i can’t buy them odd shoes no more! it might make the moon impatient!

  43. PooF | 1:31 am |

    Holahooohhh…..The vehicle is sparking on the dry grass, I have to drive without a hand down the hill…or moon will get mad.

  44. Damien | 12:15 am |

    Chapter 1 of Dan Brown’s new novel ‘The Lunar Cycle’. This thing is obviously written in code.

  45. Vlasdorian | 6:19 am |

    Catch the steering bar by hands, but operate it by what, feet?

  46. mickeygreeneyes | 9:04 pm |

    And try you not moon neighbors again one more. They’re tire off it.

  47. ybabe | 8:36 am |

    No driving in uneven shoes!

  48. Jony | 8:19 pm |

    When at safe distance bike will combust.

  49. Tom | 10:55 am |

    Got it. Don’t wear long loose clothes, don’t grab the muffler, wear matching shoes, don’t electrify the vehicle, only use my hands when not using my hands to steer – and for God’s sake DON’T PISS OFF THE MOON. Easy.

  50. Biff the Understudy | 9:39 am |

    “M-O-O-N, that spells scooter.”

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