Dentist Office Bulletin Board

posted on 4 Mar 2010 in Chinglish

Nurse, have you seen my “stop weeping” sign?

Photo courtesy of Andrew Maxwell.
Found in dentist office in China.
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  1. engrishwebmaster | 1:11 am |

    Doctor, we need another “fleeing prohibited” sign…

  2. Izzie | 1:42 am |

    Haven’t they heard of anesthetic?
    Even a zen-like trance would be better than “Don’t scream” methinks.

  3. Algernon | 2:26 am |

    So you’re here for an argument. Will that be 5 minutes or the full half hour.

  4. Tong Lin | 2:59 am |

    Put one hand in the dentist’s pocket and ask, “We are not going to hurt each other and scream, are we?”

  5. GoodGuy | 3:29 am |

    Don’t scream, and nobody gets hurt! …well except you, of course.

  6. Gappa Goshti | 3:40 am |

    The dentist shares his patient’s toothache through a bluetooth!

  7. Pete | 4:00 am |

    Don’t make me angry, doctor. You won’t like me when I’m angry.

  8. Ralph Hamilton | 4:20 am |

    Hola amigo y amiga. What does the Chinese say?

  9. Ralph Hamilton | 4:27 am |

    A dentist who hailed from old China,
    Said, “It’s true I like nothing finer”,
    Though they scream and thrash about,
    There is never a doubt,
    I like to drill holes like a demented gold-miner.

  10. beechoak | 5:01 am |

    “Don’t Scream: It’s bad for busines.”

  11. beechoak | 5:02 am |

    “Alien vs. Dentist: In the dentist’s chair, no one can hear you scream…”

  12. beechoak | 5:07 am |

    “Edvard Munch, DDS and Expressionist artist”

  13. beechoak | 5:08 am |

    Maybe they shouldn’t be playing “Saw” in the waiting room…

  14. Blaze | 5:14 am |

    Oh please no more with the screaming and the drill and the biting and the FROINLAVENSHOIL!

  15. Gappa Goshti | 6:05 am |

    “What was that scream?”
    “The doctor suddenly fancied counting my teeth, and I, his fingers!”

  16. jjhitt | 6:41 am |

    Wait until you see the bill.

  17. jjhitt | 6:42 am |

    If this isn’t T-Shirt material, nothing is.

  18. mr3urious | 7:23 am |

    Paging Dr. Orin Scrivello!

  19. Cerise | 8:03 am |

    We have ways of making you pay your bill!

  20. Grifter | 8:17 am |

    It looks like the Body Snatchers have found a new way to find humans.

  21. Chris | 8:18 am |

    I LOVE going to the dentist!

  22. jjhitt | 8:34 am |

    Is anyone else getting 1-800-Dentist adds on the right margin?

  23. Classic Steve | 8:43 am |

    You might vibrate the glass instruments too much.

  24. Gappa Goshti | 8:45 am |

    “OUCH! Doctor! This is more painful than having a baby!”
    “Decide for once, lady! I can’t adjust the chair all over again!”

  25. Typo Tat | 9:14 am |

    Hell, I want to scream just from seeing the teeth-puling posters on this dentist’s wall.

  26. Ethd | 10:25 am |

    Is this what they call “Primal Scream Dentistry?”

  27. Xila31 | 10:49 am |

    Please use your inside voice.

  28. Ani | 11:30 am |

    Prick me, do I not bleed? Cut me, do I not scream?

  29. lora | 5:34 pm |

    You jab at my neve endings,
    It’s driving me insane
    Just give me nitrus oxide,
    Shoot me up with novocane
    Help me out here…’cuz I’m in severe…paaaiiiin!!!
    Now stop for a bit…So I can rinse and spit, now!
    Numb me…drill me…floss me…bill meeeee!!!
    -Cavity Search by Weird Al Yankovic

  30. Salome | 4:04 am |

    Is this chap related to the Ouchi dental clinic in Japan?

  31. just keep anonymous | 6:26 am |

    Actually, the Chinese means “Keep Quiet”. The English isn’t really bad , just a unfortunate choice of words though.

  32. just keep anonymous | 6:28 am |

    > Is this chap related to the Ouchi dental clinic in Japan?

    I believe the dentist clinic is in Hong Kong. English/Chinese posters, bilingual sign, Traditional Chinese. All these things only appear in Hong Kong.

  33. Wendy Darling | 10:11 am |

    Notice to Patients: The Dentist is married to a Librarian

  34. coffeebot | 10:43 am |


  35. phoenixx | 9:49 pm |

    can i yell? or cry? do i get a lollipop after??

  36. phoenixx | 11:30 pm |

    POP! (tooth being pulled)
    dds” dont swallow thats not a cheeto”
    patient, swallows tooth
    dds,point to sign, “remember that when it comes out”

  37. Can I whimper? How about moan? And will the tears rolling down my face spoil the ambiance?

  38. Cecily | 12:37 pm |

    CHILD (singing happily): I scream, you scream, we all scream for –

    DENTIST (interrupting): Take it outside, kid.

  39. Josh | 8:56 am |

    . . . cause you’ll wake the dentist : )

  40. Dream | 10:26 am |

    For “just keep anonymous”:
    i am from hong kong. but i am not sure if the picture is taken from here. As taiwan uses traditional chinese as well, and several part in china do that as well!!!

  41. don | 11:09 pm |

    can i cry instead?

  42. ash | 9:40 pm |

    That don’t scream sign is not very encouraging…..who would use this guy if they have to put that sign on the bulletin board?????

  43. MillenniumMan | 10:34 am |

    Then “don’t pull teeth without drugs”

  44. sparky | 11:12 pm |

    I won’t scream if I can punch you in the nuts any time a feel a twinge.

  45. Erlili | 6:50 pm |

    Im not too sure a “Dont´t Scream” sign is the best way to get clients.

  46. Seventy2rd o clock | 7:28 pm |

    Can I bark?

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