Drug reference alert…

posted on 20 Mar 2010 in Clothing

Photo courtesy of Patrik Jarlestam.
Found in Kyoto, Japan.

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  1. Brandon | 4:02 am |

    I think that’s the first time I’ve seen anything good come from the right since Ronald Reagan.

  2. Algernon | 4:19 am |

    Frankly man I can’t rememer a thing. Where’s the food.

  3. Eduard | 5:13 am |

    Everybody now, from right to left: Twinkle, twinkle……… (I’m a) little stoned……:D

  4. Terry | 6:17 am |

    A new meme is sweeping the interwebs – create your own t-shirt to represent the mythical band you invented in a previous meme.

    1: go to wikipedia, hit random, the first city that comes up will be the first city of their world tour.
    2: go to Random Quotations, and the third word of every quote on the page will be the band’s new slogan
    3: go to the telephone book and pick a number at random. Ask the person who answers the color of their favorite food. That will be the color for your band’s t-shirt.
    4: add a picture of something illegal or obscene. That will boost sales.

  5. Chuck | 6:43 am |

    Because of monkeys on your back.

  6. Sei | 8:27 am |

    It COULD be a Japanese Maple leaf… they always looked like pot leaves to me. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/Acer-palmatum-ssp.jpg I was really questioning Nintendo for a while for including one as a “treasure” in Pikmin 2.

  7. BeadyEl | 8:58 am |

    Yeah, I don’t think THAT dream comes from the right…

  8. Big Fat Cat | 9:20 am |

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Grass
    How I wonder what you are

  9. Big Fat Cat | 9:27 am |

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Grass
    How I wonder what you are?

  10. Xila31 | 9:38 am |

    So this is what the tiny grass dreams of: terrible fashion.

  11. coffeebot | 10:18 am |

    No, no, no… this is what the grass was dreaming

  12. Ralph Hamilton | 10:48 am |

    Ah have a dream: That all grass shall live in freedom, all weeds shall be equal, and all mowers shall have their blades removed. March on my brothers, may the horticulturists of the world feel your power. May they fear your wrath. The new world order is upon us—

    Uhh. Where’s my medication. Ah! I feel much better now.

  13. Stan | 11:49 am |

    Rush’s dream.

  14. Chris | 12:17 pm |

    Ooh, the sixties were good to you!

  15. Austin Kendall | 1:48 pm |

    Oh Marijuana, you leave the finest sparkle in my eye.

  16. Lora | 3:41 pm |

    Hard to see the sparkle in a bloodshot eye. 😉

  17. phoenixx | 8:34 pm |

    dude..whats the next line? twinkle twinkle little dream from right to left you seem…

  18. faulty wiring | 12:10 am |

    Hemp clothing! You really CAN stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Although I think it may be cut with acrylic…

  19. faulty wiring | 3:46 am |

    High fashion (or maybe not)

  20. Anna Rexia | 6:43 pm |

    Terry, that’s not new. It’s been around a few years at least.

  21. Grifter | 5:20 am |

    It’s the first pot on the right…

  22. N0 3y3 d33r | 4:43 pm |

    The back reads: “Puff the magic dragon”

  23. kyung | 5:43 pm |

    That’s why I’m a proud lefty..

  24. bird | 12:40 pm |

    Finally they reach across the aisle with something the left can accept.

  25. GuestionHamswered | 3:58 pm |

    Ahh… bringing both sides of politics together on something they can agree with.

  26. kloo | 1:19 am |

    who knew the republicans would be the first to legalize it?

  27. J. M. Mink | 9:50 pm |

    Wait…someone thinks Ronald Reagan was something good??

  28. Myself | 10:20 pm |

    I have a dream…and it comes from the right!

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