Got my eye on those atoms too

posted on 27 Aug 2010 in Uncategorized

In addistion: we’re not keen on electrons either…

Photo courtesy of Daniel Mandel.
From an anti-nuclear rally held in New York in May 2010.

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  1. jjhitt | 3:14 am |

    Monkclear weapons are the real threat.

  2. Algernon | 3:30 am |

    The world is an enigma.

  3. beechoak | 3:43 am |

    A world without nucleaus circumvents nothing…

  4. DrLex | 3:50 am |

    Death to all neutrons and protons!

  5. beechoak | 3:55 am |

    We tried to get to the core of their protest, but there was nothing there!

  6. Gaijinsama | 4:51 am |

    We’re sure this is the way President Bush said it.

  7. Salome | 5:15 am |

    If it please the Court, I seek an order nunclear pro tunclear.

  8. Salome | 5:15 am |

    No more atom bombs = nunclear dimittis.

  9. DrLex | 5:22 am |

    No more nunclear weapons! From now on, at least one nun inside every weapon!

  10. Classic Steve | 6:35 am |

    People (n)unclear on the concept.

  11. Classic Steve | 6:36 am |

    The antimatter movement gets underway.

  12. Kitsune | 6:52 am |

    Personally I’m Pro Nucleaus… my cells wouldn’t function without it::

  13. jjhitt | 7:04 am |

    ♪ Imagine there’s no nucleus..
    It’s isn’t hard to do.
    And abolistion too…♪

  14. Chris | 7:13 am |

    Umm…it’s pronounced “nucular.”

  15. faulty wiring | 7:44 am |

    Newsflash: North Korean has just launched a nunclear attack upon Japan and the US. It is understood that at least 20 ICBMs with nunclear warheads are now en route to various convents in Tokyo & New York. All nuns and women of any faith have been advised to ‘duck and cover’ to protect themselves from danger. The presidents of both countries have expressed regret that they ignored pleas by anti-nunclear protestors to aim for ‘the world without the nucleus’, a cunning strategy that would have sent the globe hurtling into the sun as it lost orbit & made the clearing of nuns or indeed any devotees a minor concern. In other news, Lindsay Lohan has been spotted in public sober and clothed…

  16. ☺ Did you know that ♪ | 8:15 am |

    The word “nucleus” derives from “nux”, Latin for “nut”, and describes the edible part of this fruit?

  17. phoenixx | 8:59 am |

    is this the nun’s protesting? its rather nunclear to me

  18. SF | 9:01 am |

    The case for weapons of mass destruction in Iran is nunclear.

  19. Kitsune | 9:24 am |

    With out the Nucleus the center can not hold, things fall a part…

    Sorry to post twice, but it’s not often that I get to paraphrase William Butler Yeats here.

  20. Jay | 9:32 am |

    From the guys who brought you those “Imagine Whirled Peas” bumper stickers…

  21. Kitsune | 1:31 pm |

    Wasn’t it “Visualize Whirled Peas?”

  22. Tom | 3:30 pm |

    Oh, the ionry of it!

  23. coffeebot | 3:47 pm |

    To prevent us the bomb of atoms Geoge Bush his outlaw the atom! Now only outlaws atom us!

  24. pauloo | 4:10 pm |

    Someone should set those poor nunclear weapons free… they’re constantly at the beck and call of their masters.

  25. FatKenney | 4:51 pm |

    What’s your posistion on nunclear energy?

  26. Chuck | 6:00 pm |

    Yes. Those darned nucleii have been at the centre of all our problems. I can see that now – it has become un-nunclear.

  27. Ralph Hamilton | 6:01 pm |

    Nunclear? At last the Catholic Church is trying to become more transparent.

  28. Ralph Hamilton | 6:12 pm |

    That is why the bloke washed his “John Thomas” with steel-wool.

    So he could have a new clear weapon.

  29. Micah Cowan | 7:56 pm |

    The character 核 means either of “nucleus”, and “nuclear”, and serves as an abbreviation for “nuclear arms” (in this case). The guy on the right chose the right translation, the guy on the left… “chose poorly”.

  30. emily | 1:22 am |

    A demonstrastion on the abolistion and non-proliferastion of nuclear wepons. We are all for it!

  31. DrZos | 12:16 am |

    Nottatto nuncleus!!! Abolistion at now!

  32. Satellite Heart | 6:59 am |

    I’m sorry, what? I wasn’t paying attention, I was busy oggling the hottie on the right….

  33. Gloria | 10:36 pm |

    Which came first? The nunclear or the nucleus? I think nottatto!

  34. Big Fat Cat | 6:50 am |

    I can see the nuns wearing short skirts in the background sponsored by H&R Block.

  35. MarkJS | 5:51 am |

    And they are all walking contrary to the “One Way” sign… the futility of it all

  36. xc3ln3rdyguy | 10:45 pm |

    we abolish up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom quarks too.

  37. Mark | 6:08 pm |

    Abolistion of nunclear misiles in Warshington NOW!

  38. Mista Bob Dobalina | 2:40 pm |

    There was an “Unclear Power Plant” posted at years ago. This one probably works with those atoms without nuclei.

  39. garudamon11 | 1:08 pm |

    Say no to unclear weapons !!

  40. Old Man | 11:02 am |

    That’s pronounced “unk-u-ler”.

  41. Casey | 11:11 am |

    The guy holding the world without the nucleus sign just has a look on his face saying “I am so smart”

  42. airhead | 10:30 pm |

    The complete apoptosis of all life due to lack of nuclei and nucleoi.

  43. Davey8 | 6:24 pm |

    Before the cops could get there, these two protesters split.

  44. Smitha787 | 7:27 am |

    Very nice! ecdfekdfbd

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