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posted on 10 Aug 2010 in Signs

Photo courtesy of Christina Bauer.
Found in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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  1. Algernon | 3:35 am |

    I could tell you to get lost but that wouldn be nice.

  2. Ralph hamilton | 3:57 am |

    Giving me the stuff for nothing would help.

  3. Ralph hamilton | 4:00 am |

    Don’t you hate it, when it is your turn to be serVed, and they put that sign up: THIS AISLE IS CLOSED. PLEASE USE OTHER CHECK OUT.

  4. faulty wiring | 4:01 am |

    Well, that’s it, cyanide for me. I can’t it any more. And all these lame, half assed apologies. I hope you feel proud of yourself, checkout guy.

  5. Eduard | 4:33 am |

    Dear customer,
    You are kindly invited to try our other cash registers, more crowded, but with improved and polite multi-lingual lame excuses ……

  6. Big Fat Cat | 4:39 am |

    No need to apologize. Just let me fry your noodles.

  7. Brandon | 5:02 am |

    Every time I tried to tell you, the words just came out wrong.

  8. Ralph hamilton | 5:06 am |

    If I don’t go now, I will pee on your boots.

  9. beechoak | 5:23 am |

    So sad,… it’s a sad, sad situation,… “sorry” seems to be the hardest word…

  10. beechoak | 5:24 am |

    “Manners are not my forte’…”

  11. Salome | 5:40 am |

    But I didn’t come for an apology. I just want to pay for the things I’m buying.

  12. Classic Steve | 5:50 am |

    Of course you don’t. You’re just a sign. The signmaker, OTOH…

  13. Kitsune | 6:08 am |

    This is the most honest Engrish I’ve seen. They really don’t know how to apologize to us. “Gomen” would have worked for me.

  14. DrZos | 6:38 am |

    I thought it was a (unecessarily) lengthy apology… but then I looked at the Japanese text which seem way more lengthy…

    This is REALLY a big deal for the store apparently.

  15. Chris | 7:12 am |

    Some exploding temple chicken would be a good start.

  16. jjhitt | 7:21 am |

    Breaking up is hard to do. Next window please.

  17. jjhitt | 7:24 am |

    Please forgive me. Life is nothing without you. Back in 30 minutes.

  18. FatKenney | 9:07 am |

    Thanks. You’re soothing words really softened the blow.

  19. phoenixx | 9:15 am |

    “express lane” stuck behind person with to many items next lane

  20. Grifter | 9:55 am |

    Being a consumer means never having to hear you’re sorry…

  21. ribbonleaf | 11:05 am |

    F*** you!

  22. ribbonleaf | 11:05 am |

    F*** you!

  23. Carlos | 11:13 am |

    Well, albeit a weird thing to say, that’s actually correct English. I really don’t know how to feel sorry for you.

  24. N04h | 3:17 pm |

    It sounds like they translated the Japanese which says “moushiwake gazaimasen” which literally translates to “I don’t know how to explain”

  25. Micah Cowan | 3:20 pm |

    Well, it’s not really correct English. It’s not so much “I don’t know how to apologize” as, “there is truly no excuse”. The full translation would be something like,

    “There really is no excuse. We’re really very sorry about this, but please proceed to the next register.”

  26. OrangeXenon54 | 3:20 pm |

    In other words: get the f*** out of here.

  27. Caine | 7:42 pm |

    You say it best when you say nuttin’ at all, baby!

  28. mickeygreeneyes | 8:27 pm |

    Just give me some beef gruel and nobody gets hurt!

  29. mickeygreeneyes | 8:28 pm |

    Wow! And all I wanted was to buy a cute little Hello Kitty purse.

  30. Gloria | 9:08 pm |

    There are many fine registers at the bottom of the stairs over there. Here, let me help. Oops – I am so sorry!!!

  31. Terri | 3:01 am |

    I really don’t know why I should apologize to you. Please move to another apartment and leave my mistress and me alone.

  32. pamela38 | 7:05 am |

    Hey! So much politeness…It could well be in Canada!

  33. Lollerskate | 9:04 am |

    What, they couldn’t either?, So I have to apologize twice now, what can we do man… Please borrow me a dictionary, aisle 5, this time is for real.

  34. d17nk | 10:37 am |

    please, just give me another chance, would you?

  35. emily | 2:15 am |

    I can do without your apology if you allow me to bypass all the cash registers.

  36. Max | 12:14 am |

    Really, I’m heartbroken, abject, distraught. Don’t you worry about me. It’s time for tea and I’ll get over it.

  37. Chicago_blue | 1:30 pm |

    This must have been translated by a man. Men never know how to say, “I’m sorry.”

  38. tekleader | 12:43 pm |

    Ok, but I really don’t know how to make my purchase, since this is the only cash register!

  39. Doff | 7:38 am |

    A simple “sorry” will suffice. As long as I just get to pay for my goods.

  40. Jody | 12:44 am |

    Are you breaking up with me? How would you apologise to me if you were? Now that’s something I’d love to see.

  41. Jody | 12:46 am |

    “I really don’t know how to apologize to you” – ya think?!

  42. Old Man | 11:06 am |

    The perfect break-up card.

  43. Tom | 3:23 am |

    …I’d like to, but I don’t speak English that well.

  44. yumyum | 5:10 am |

    damn it, jst zay zoooooorrryyyy….

  45. Michael | 1:09 pm |

    Elton was right. Sorry seems to be the hardest word!

  46. Jamyskis | 8:10 am |

    Well, if you don’t know how to apologise to me, I’ll find a cash register that does!

  47. Tom | 3:58 pm |

    seriously, I should try this…

  48. Cindi | 5:06 am |

    Staff there speaks more Engrish so you may be amused better.

  49. Seventy2rd o clock | 12:49 pm |

    Don’t apologize to me, I don’t know where you’ve been.

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