Blonde model apropos?

posted on 21 Sep 2010 in Chinglish, Household Items

Four Big Merits (as written in lower right):
Artistic Reliable Is Practical
The All Steelfoot Rest Spurts Models
Four Altitude Mixture Controls
Entire Cotton and Kapow (?) Cotton Print

Photo courtesy of Mirian Lima.
Ironing board found in Kazakhstan; made in China.

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  1. StychoKiller | 3:01 am |

    Finally a Burn the Clothes board with Four Altitude Mixture Controls! Because three isn’t enough and five is way too many!

  2. tekleader | 6:20 am |

    After I’m done with the laundry I’m gonna catch some gnarly waves, dude!

  3. Ich | 7:18 am |

    Kapow! I got a hole in my shirt! At least it provides some ventilation. It was all natura.

  4. phoenixx | 1:23 pm |

    but but but i want the tall dark handsome male model *cries*

  5. Lollerskate | 4:44 pm |

    What’s with the thumbs down!?!? No shadow, feet on the water surface and no electric discharges? What is it then, a Sasquatch? You’ve got to be kidding!

  6. kyle vincent | 10:33 pm |

    yup she can burn my clothes board alright. Whew!

  7. coffeebot | 12:27 pm |

    Beauty School Dropout finds new job…

  8. garudamon11 | 12:36 pm |

    It puts the rotion on its skin

  9. Ripplin | 8:14 pm |

    “Do you come with the [ironing board]?”
    “Oh you!” *giggle*

    “Do you come with the [ironing board]?”
    “Oh you!” *giggle*

  10. Kitsune | 9:35 am |

    I didn’t realize Mail Order Brides were subject to American Truth in Advertising laws…

  11. Vellyr | 6:20 pm |

    It just spurts models everywhere! There’s only one now, but pretty soon they’ll be all over the place!

  12. Jody | 1:10 am |

    Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have got her to iron my clothes…

  13. Herman | 11:53 pm |

    rofl! That’s what I love Engrish so much and the ad is honest and what? Kapow? They must had gone to some altitude to make such ad. I like it.

  14. Mar Ita Voj | 10:31 pm |

    so that explains the sexy girl – the all steelfoot rest spurts models.

  15. Eoin | 1:08 am |

    Dear Bazhoucity Yang Fen Gang Jinxin Hardware Furniture Factory,

    I saw your ad for ironing boards. I don’t need an ironing board, all my clothes are permanent press, so just ship me the blonde that’s behind it.

    P.S.If she’s available. Otherwise I’ll settle for your secretary who must be positively breathless from saying “Good morning, Bazhoucity Yang Fen Gang Jinxin Hardware Furniture Factory! How may I direct your call?” 257 times a day.

  16. John | 7:44 am |

    Yes burn the clothes board and I take the model with me for photo shoots.

  17. man | 1:10 pm |

    lol look at the company name at the bottom and say i wanted to write a check…

  18. Kwan | 6:51 am |

    Exclusive for arsonists

  19. Pansy | 4:28 pm |

    Wait kapow do I use this again?

  20. Gerson | 1:56 am |

    Perfect for use at the beach.

  21. BigHeadSarge | 7:30 pm |

    Perfect for burning kapow at all altitudes! (This was obviously at sea level)

  22. Troika | 10:30 pm |

    Kapok. It’s kapok!

  23. fredly frenson | 11:34 am |

    Jeff Probst: “For today’s challenge, You will burn your clothes…If the Red team wins. they will enter Wan’s home!”

    Please remember that Happiness is always Natura-L!

    Here are the rules:
    1. Artistic Reliable Is Practical
    2. The All Steelfoot Rest Spurts Models (must complete!)
    3. Four Altitude Mixture Controls (also a must)
    and finally
    4. Entire Cotton and Kapow (?) Cotton Print (yes…a must, too!)

    Good luck Survivors!

  24. Huggzie | 5:22 am |

    My shirt is 90% Kapow Cotton, so be careful when setting it on fire!

  25. Torbjorn Wallin | 5:03 am |

    In the fine print it say that models spurted by the Product may vary from the model on the Picture, up to and including the lack of models spurted if the models are out of stock.

    The Company further take no responsibility for any injury caused by aforementioned models on clothes, consumers or the consumers houses.

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