Flown in straight from Baghdad

posted on 12 Nov 2010 in Chinglish, Menus

Photo courtesy of Ralph Cooley.
Menu found in Beijing Restaurant.

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  1. Chris | 12:17 pm |

    The butter pastes the cake…or else it gets the hose again.

  2. Eduard | 12:44 pm |

    I’ll bet they won’t tell you what’s beneath the surface…..

  3. demondude777 | 1:26 pm |

    Looks like we didn’t need to send in our troops afterall.

    China has free access into their government offices.

  4. Big Fat Cat | 1:58 pm |

    Fresh from Iraq. Just blown off from Ministry of Defence by insurgents.

  5. Big Fat Cat | 2:00 pm |

    The mixed sea food with Iraq government office surface is best served with our Molotov cocktail.

  6. Tong | 2:24 pm |

    Enjoy with caution, if a timer and wires found beneth the surface, notify the authority immediately. It could be a blow job in the waiting.

  7. Algernon | 4:10 pm |

    I know you’re working undercover .

  8. Jellychop | 5:15 pm |

    Order only if you want a meal with real shock and awe.

  9. JJ Hitt | 7:02 pm |

    Hammurabi seafood hash with eggs Sunni side up.
    Kurds and Whey on the side.

  10. dangevin | 8:05 pm |

    So good, it should be sanctioned.

  11. Pete | 8:22 pm |

    Looking at the characters, I’m gonna take a stab at being serious here and guess that the dish is supposed to be “Three Treasure Spaghetti”.
    San xian = 3 treasures. I think the next two are “Yi fu” which may mean something like “Italian style”. The last character “mian” means noodles.

    That “Yi” usually is used to represent the sound for the “I” in places like Italy, Iraq, Iran and I think even Israel.

    They might as well have at least come closer and said “Italian government noodles!”

  12. Tong | 9:25 pm |

    Sorry, Pete, Yifu noodles – a famous dish supposedly created first by the cook working in scholar Yi Bingshou’s home in Qing dynasty. So Yifu means Yi’s home. The other thing is, this Yi in Chinese is used for Iraq and Iran, not for Italy and Israel.

  13. skutitz | 10:33 pm |

    Hi Ho the Derrio, the butter pastes the cake.

  14. emily2903 | 10:57 pm |

    Besides Iraq Government Office Surface, this restaurant also serves Chinese duck that explodes.

  15. Eccekio | 11:12 pm |

    I don’t need that sort of excitement with my dinner. Just give me the rice.

  16. faulty wiring | 1:57 am |

    Payment can be made by leaving a brown paper bag in the bathroom rubbish bin.

  17. DrLex | 3:30 am |

    “Duck cake” is a code word for C4 explosives.

  18. Pete | 5:57 am |


    Thanks. I was guessing…obviously incorrectly.

  19. Tai Fu | 6:25 am |

    Next thing you know, they’ll have “Improvised Exploding Duck”

  20. Alkaline | 12:04 pm |

    三鲜=san xian= ‘three delicacy’. What it actually represents varies from place to place. Most likely shrimp, pork and chinese mushroom when associated with noodle.

    伊府面= ‘Yi-house noodle’ = a kind of fried noodle, originated in Shanxi province. Legend has it that it was invented by the house chef of some Qing dynasty calligraphist whose name is Yi Bing Shou. Hence Yi-house noodle. Yi Fu can, indeed, be the acronym of Iraqi goverment, so whatever online translator they ran the menu through, it must have been very aware of the world affairs.

  21. Alkaline | 12:05 pm |

    And it costs 66 bucks(!!!)

  22. Josh | 4:09 pm |

    I’d like to complain to the manager- I found a former dictator hiding in my seafood Iraq government office surface, and there weren’t enough scallops, either.

  23. Big Fat Cat | 5:39 pm |

    Hey, waiter! Can you take out the cement and put marble instead? I am allergic to sand.

  24. Lora | 4:56 pm |

    I would make a joke here, but I’m too afraid of their government…

  25. coffeebot | 6:31 pm |

    served with generous portion of red tape

  26. A Non-Y Mouse | 8:01 am |

    Ugh! This mixed seafood tastes like it was swept up off the floor of… oh.

  27. DragonLady | 4:11 pm |

    Nothing’s under the surface. It’s a small superficial world after all.

  28. Elsys St. Valencia | 12:21 pm |

    The Iraq government office surface explodes the duck cake?

    I don’t think so!

  29. Pansy | 3:36 pm |

    Noodles weren’t the only thing to surface.

  30. Max Period | 7:10 pm |

    Hmm… Mixed seafood E-noodles for 66 RMB… So expensive

  31. Bud Abbott | 9:03 pm |

    Ah, the taste of formica… Just like mother used to make…

  32. tacopartygirl | 9:44 pm |

    Its accually a secret terrorist plot.

  33. Thunderbolt294 | 4:58 pm |

    I didn’t know governments were eatable.

  34. DragonLady | 4:06 pm |

    the butter pastes the cake, but the cheese stands alone

  35. cellbiolvr | 3:45 pm |

    one mouthful — BOOM!

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