It’s given me a new outlook.

posted on 20 Nov 2010 in Chinglish

This room: peepholes. Next door: bathrooms.

Photo courtesy of Lane Hardy.
Found in travel clinic in Wuhan, China.

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  1. faulty wiring | 3:40 am |

    I prefer last years version, the retrospective room

  2. Algernon | 3:43 am |

    Its full of sharp angles

  3. faulty wiring | 3:43 am |

    The Plutonium Room: A quiet place to contemplate and consider every perspective in a soft, self illuminating atmosphere.

  4. coffeebot | 3:52 am |

    It’s all how you look at it

  5. cl | 4:52 am |

    For those who are wondering what 透视室 is in correct English, it’s the fluoroscopy room.

  6. faulty wiring | 4:54 am |


    Thanks for clearing that up. It was really getting to me

  7. faulty wiring | 4:59 am |

    Until I can afford to build one of these at my place, I suppose I’ll have to keep living with a complete lack of perspective

  8. beechoak | 5:59 am |

    You don’t even WANT to know how it looks from this angle…!

  9. Jjhitt | 6:17 am |

    If you cant make it good, make it 3D.
    If you cant make it 3D, make it radioactive.

  10. DrLex | 7:13 am |

    Duke Nukem visited this room in 1996.

  11. Jellychop | 7:50 am |

    Well if it’s the fluoroscopy room then I guess it’s the inside perspective.

  12. Big Fat Cat | 8:43 am |

    If I have X-ray vision, I would have a very different perspective about the ladies.

  13. emily2903 | 8:45 am |

    Hello, Perspective Room service? I need your help. I’m lost in life….

  14. Eccekio | 10:12 am |

    From this perspective it looks like the Mitubishi room.

  15. Jeff | 11:47 am |

    And so the Renaissance Fair has a new meeting place!

  16. Eccekio | 12:20 pm |

    Feel free to enter, and see what will grow in the dark.

  17. Eccekio | 5:31 pm |

    @cl. By God it was clever of the ancient Chinese to include a character for Fluoroscopy

  18. Big Fat Cat | 5:33 pm |

    that’s the secret meeting place for G20 leaders.

  19. Cecily | 12:03 am |

    I like the decor in this room. The other ones in this building are kind of flat and two-dimensional.

  20. phoenixx | 1:47 pm |

    this is the secret meeting room of the x men shhhhh

  21. tekleader | 8:18 am |

    Did you just come out of the perspective room? You’re absolutely glowing!

  22. John | 11:35 pm |

    Enter and see yourself in a whole new light. A glowing green one.

  23. Moving on from the Perspective Room, to your right you’ll find the Hall of the Flemish School ….

  24. my guitar wants to kill your mama | 10:18 am |

    hmmm oh, yes this must be the cover jacket of the new Robert Ludlum novel.

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