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posted on 11 Nov 2010 in Chinglish

Photo courtesy of Nicky Pearson.
Medicine from China.

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  1. krysto4 | 4:07 am |

    Darn brain-fags – always screwing things up – must be because of my mental weakness…

  2. Eduard | 4:16 am |

    Why not check in a psychiatric facility first to see if your sugar level is really your top priority !?

  3. Eduard | 4:22 am |

    That’s a nasty list of hangover symptoms if I ever saw one!

  4. Algernon | 4:27 am |

    Is there anything these tablets won’t cure.

  5. faulty wiring | 4:29 am |

    After being hospitalised for a broken reg, I took to reading about cosmology and doing cryptic crosswords. Now I have brain fag! Thank goodness I found Co-Schisandara! Just two tablets each time the fag comes on, once, twice, thrice or even trice daily. Thanks, Kwangchow Pharma! Brain fag no more!

  6. Lana | 4:29 am |

    If only for the sugar…

  7. faulty wiring | 4:31 am |

    Damnit! I thought it cured autoeroticism but it only works on neuroticism

  8. jjhitt | 5:03 am |

    Is It Alcoholic Neurotic Brain Fag Pride Week again?

  9. jjhitt | 5:18 am |

    Coochie Sandra? I went to high school with her.

  10. Jellychop | 6:01 am |

    Only for those who are gay of mind, not body.

  11. Eccekio | 6:22 am |

    Inside every fat-igue, there is a thin-igue trying to get out.

  12. ben | 6:28 am |

    For some reason, the pharmacy keeps these pills in the closet.

  13. LOL | 6:57 am |

    If you have brain-fag please take these pills.

    (Don’t know what brain-fag is?Neither do I)

  14. xila31 | 7:10 am |

    Also good for the vapors, fever and ague, atrophy, the black plague, and candida. Yes folks, gather ’round, gather ’round. With just two pills trice a day all your home ailments can be cured.

  15. A Non-Y Mouse | 7:41 am |

    I see they’re only sugar-coated on the front.

  16. Terri | 7:59 am |

    Damn the American drug companies! Always withholding the cure from the people that need it. I wonder if I can have these shipped from Canada?

    I’m not sure that you want to introduce a drug called Co-Cassandra to a neurotic person though.

  17. Big Fat Cat | 8:03 am |

    co-schisandra = co-workers of Schizophrenic Sandra. Of course they have to take the pills to ward off Sandra’s annoying behavior.

  18. Chris | 8:19 am |

    No need to sugar coat it.

  19. Chris | 8:20 am |

    Will they cure low blood sugar?

  20. JONATHAN | 8:56 am |

    Is it good for brain-dykes too ?

  21. Classic Steve | 9:52 am |

    I think somebody’s screwing with my brain. Literally and figuratively.

  22. Snufkin | 10:38 am |

    CO-Schisandra, Schisandra! wherefore art thou Schisandra?
    Deny thy country and refuse thy name;
    Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
    And I’ll no longer be a Tablet.

    ‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
    Thou art thyself, though not a Fat-igue.
    What’s Fat-igue? it is nor Mental Weakness,
    Nor Insomnia, nor any other ailment
    Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!

  23. Gwydion Williams | 12:46 pm |

    Be cured “trice daily”

  24. Natalie | 2:51 pm |

    Wait… Yes, I think I’m getting a case of neuroticism. Please help!

  25. Lora | 4:33 pm |

    Are those the symptoms or the side effects?

  26. phoenixx | 7:23 pm |

    i don’t think this is what the song ” a spoonful of sugar” was meant for

  27. Gloria | 9:26 pm |

    You’re once, trice, free times a rady..

  28. Rizka | 1:57 am |

    Now I realize that CHILDREN (especially in China) can also suffer from brain-fag, alcoholism, neuroticism, insomnia, fatigue, and mental weakness.
    They need half dose, trice daily.
    Thank you Co-Schisandra for telling me.

  29. Poisonous Gus | 2:31 pm |

    This is great stuff, attacks the mental pain at the very root of the problem, the names you were called in highschool. Now if they can create one that helps with wussyboy and nerdlinger I’ll be completely cured.

  30. Alkaline | 12:28 pm |

    “Brain fag is an example of a culture-bound syndrome. Once a common term for mental exhaustion, it is now encountered almost exclusively in West Africa. Seen predominantly in male students, it generally manifests as vague somatic symptoms, depression, and difficulty concentrating.[1] It has similar symptoms to the Trinidadian illness studiation madness.”

    I guess it was named in a more innocent time.

  31. A Non-Y Mouse | 6:10 pm |

    Huh! And all this time I thought Co-Schisandra was a Jewish holiday.

  32. Eoin | 11:13 am |

    Who needs medicine for brain fag when you can buy a pool table?

  33. coffeebot | 6:36 pm |

    Sugar coated? Dammit, that’s what lead to the brain-fag in the first place!

  34. Bear or bust | 9:26 am |

    Brain Fag: is that a direction or a condition.

  35. Mister Happy Bunny Fun Time | 8:50 am |

    It says these pills treat Alcoholism. Then it goes on to say, “Half dose for children.” Nice.

  36. Or, to shorten the description: Placebo.

  37. Shintarou | 3:29 pm |

    I’m offended!

    I’m big-boned-igued!

  38. Pansy | 3:39 pm |

    Sugar-coated brain fags! Trice a day!

  39. Michael | 4:16 pm |

    the doctor thought i had a brain tumor, so he ran some tests. Turns out i had a brain fag, atleast i know what meds to take now

  40. hannah | 4:32 pm |

    A meal replacement tablet for crazy people!

  41. sloanstar | 9:00 am |

    they prefer to be called brain-homosexuals

  42. Raven X Corvinus | 6:44 am |

    I’ve always needed something for my brain-fag..

  43. Dervrak | 10:25 am |

    I saw a man at the gym and thought he was sexy, at first I feared I might be gay, but the doctor told me it was just a temporary case of brain-fag.

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